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Grace's POV

Me and Ellie stayed still for a while, our foreheads still resting on each other as we had our eyes closed "it's really cold" I said laughing a little and opening my eyes.

She laughed and backed away, taking her jacket off and wrapping it around me from the back "here" she said. My eyes trailed down her very visible abs then looked back at her face to see a slight smirk playing on her lips.

"Like what you see princess?" She asked stepping closer to me. I laughed and shook my head "who? Me? Nahh" I said making her laugh.

She started tickling me which made me laugh "come on, say that you liked it" she said still tickling me. I kept moving around trying to block her but I couldn't so I just hysterically laughed as she tickled me.

She laughed and I started spinning to make her stop which made her laugh again. She wrapped her arms around me and stopped me from spinning like a crazy person.

She was standing behind me with her arms around my waist. I looked to my side then up at her eyes, her head resting above my shoulder.

She leaned down a little "as much as I'm liking this..I'm still not done" she started tickling me again making me laugh and close my eyes as I tried to push her back but I couldn't.

Then my phone started ringing "okay stop I gotta answer it" I said still laughing "ignore it"

It kept ringing and ringing "okay okay stop, it might be important" she groaned and stopped tickling me, backing away. I took a deep breathe and answered the call.

"Hey" I said laughing a little, looking at Ellie who acted like she's upset, her hands on her hips with her eyebrows raised "hey" Camila said from behind the phone.

"Where are you? Me and Courtney have been knocking on your dorm for a while now" she said, I laughed when Ellie started pointing to her wrist as if there was a watch, telling me that I'm taking too long on the call jokingly.

She smiled and walked towards me, standing behind me and wrapping her arms around my waist "oh yeah, me and Ellie are out for a walk"

"Please it's Daddy or mommy Ellie, get it right" Ellie whispered in my ear seductively, placing a gentle kiss on my ear right after.

"When are you guys gonna be back?" Ellie's hand moved down to my thigh, touching the inner of it making me bite my lip "I don't know maybe in a few minutes"

Ellie backed away and stood in front of me, doing an X with her arms and shaking her head while mouthing "no" to me.

"We're on our way back" I said to annoy her. She rolled her eyes at me "okay bye" Camila said "bye" I hung up and put my phone in my pocket.

"Why did you just do that?!" She said, I shrugged "because I wanted to anyways let's go back"

"Nope" she sat on the ground and crossed her arms "I'm not going anywhere" she said, I laughed at what she did "you're like a child" I said going towards her and holding her hand wanting to pull her up but she stayed still.

I tried harder and harder until she pulled me down and I fell in her arms. She fell back and wrapped her arms around me as I laid on top of her "what a romantic moment" she said sarcastically.

I laughed and stood up "I'm gonna go back home" I said walking away. I heard her groan and run towards me, she wrapped her arm around my shoulder "you're annoying, do you know that?"

"Yeah I do"


"Finally!" I heard Camila say. I smiled and pecked her lips making her smile "okay can we go inside now? I'm like freezing" Courtney said.

I looked at Ellie and she just glared at Camila, looking her up and down "yeah sure" Ellie said taking her keys out and unlocking the door.

"Why were you out at this time?" Camila asked as we walked inside of the apartment "we were just bored and went on a walk"

"Okay" we sat down on the couch "okay me and Camila got this idea of going to a cabin" Courtney said excitedly while standing up in front of us.

"For how long?" Ellie asked, I nodded my head wanting to know the answer to that "why do you guys care? Like we just finished the first semester so doesn't matter how long we're staying there"

"Bitch I asked you so I would know if I should bring a lot of clothes or not" Ellie said, I laughed at what she said and looked at Courtney "well for that reason, like three or two weeks"

"That's a lot" I said, Camila pulled me closer to her making me look at her "come on, it'll be fun. no stress, no pressure.." she moved closer to my face "..maybe a lot of pleasure" she said smirking.

I smiled and looked at Courtney "okay I'm in" I said making Camila laugh. I looked at Ellie who was already looking at me and Camila "yeah same anyways I'm gonna go to sleep" Ellie stood up and smiled at us, mostly at me "goodnight"

"Goodnight El"

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