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Grace's POV

"Hey" Ellie said placing a kiss on my cheek "hey" I said dryly taking my coffee and food going towards the kitchen counter and sitting on the high stool.

"Is everything okay?" She asked wrapping her arms around my waist from behind, resting her chin on my shoulder "yeah everything is okay"

I pushed her back a little making her frown "okay I'll stay away" she said quietly, going around the counter and sitting in front of me.

Coco got on the counter and started walking around in front of me "stop" I took my mug and lifted it off the table but Coco wanted to taste it for some reason "fuck off!"

"Hey.." Ellie reached out for Coco and put her on her lap "..don't yell at Coco like that" she said rubbing her head "I don't care!" I yelled, Ellie looked at me "what's up with you today?"

"Nothing is up with me today. Can't someone have a day for themselves?! Just one fucking day!" Ellie stood up and she looked a little hurt from what I said. She carried Coco "oh okay. I'm sorry..we'll leave for the day"

I sighed as I watched Ellie walk towards the door "no I don't wanna be alone" I said. Ellie turned around "what am I supposed to do? What do you want me to do?" She said calmly, not knowing what she's supposed to do because I'm confusing her.

"Just bare with me. I'm just really stressed and overwhelmed for absolutely no reason" she put Coco down again and came back to me "it's okay to be overwhelmed.." she wrapped her arms around me and I put my head back on her shoulder "..what do you want me to do for you love?"

"Nothing just stay with me" I got off the stool and hugged her tightly "I'm sorry for being rude.." I pulled back and looked at Coco, I crouched down "..I'm sorry for yelling at you princess"

I stood back up and Ellie held my waist, pulling me close to her "I know what can make you feel better" she said quietly with her face close to mine. I bit my lip gently and wrapped my arms around her neck.

"What is it?"


"You know I really thought we'd be having sex by now" I said. She shushed me "focus" we were playing Mario kart by the way. This is her way of making me feel better.

I sighed and put my controller down. I went towards her and straddled her waist "what are you doin-" I kissed her to stop her from talking then pulled back "shut up"

She looked at me shocked but very much turned on as I felt something touch me "good girl" I said quietly then connected my lips with hers for a rough kiss.

Our lips moved in sync, my hands were pulling her shirt up a little so I backed away and pulled her shirt over her head.

We looked at each other for a good five seconds then smashed our lips onto each other again, making out roughly. She pulled my shirt pulling me closer to her making me moan a little because I simply like it.

Her tongue slipped into my mouth when I moaned. Our tongues moving with each other as we both fought for dominance, I wasn't going to let her win..not this time.

Amani took Coco to her place for the night because we told her that me and Ellie wanted some alone time since Courtney and Camila are staying in a hotel for a while because I wanted Camila to give me a bit of space.

One of Ellie's hands made its way to the inside of my pants, rubbing my clit from out of my panties making me moan a little. I pulled back from the kiss and stood up, stripping out of my clothes as Ellie sat there and looked at me with admiration and lust filling her eyes.

I got completely naked and Ellie pulled her pants down, staying in her boxers and bra. I straddled her again and put my hand in her boxers, pulling her dick out making her sigh when the cold air hit her sensitive area.

I rubbed up and down slowly and teasingly "fuck.." she mumbled resting her head back on the couch and closing her eyes "do you like it?" I asked going closer to her ear "does daddy like this?"

"God..fuck yes I do, I like it a lot" I knew calling her that would make her more excited.

I looked down and lifted myself up a little, lining up her dick with my entrance and slowly going down on her, stopping and letting myself adjust to her size.

She looked at me and smiled "you're very pretty my love" she said rubbing my back. I smiled and leaned in, pecking her lips "thank you"

I let her fully slip inside of me then started moving slowly with her hands being placed on my hips, my hands on her shoulders as I moaned to the feeling her inside of me.

I moved up and down her dick, slowly but gradually getting faster so I can pleasure her and myself.

She sat up and hugged me, putting her head in the crook of my neck as I still moved "I'm so in love with you.." she said quietly against my neck, placing soft kisses on my neck "..I'd do anything just to see you happy"

"I-I love you too" she looked at me and smiled "I always have" I added, stopping my movement and getting off her. I sat down next to her and held her shaft, rubbing her shaft slowly as I saw her looking at me from the corner of my eyes.

"Say that again" I looked at her and kept rubbing her. She held my wrist and stopped me from rubbing her "I don't care about sex or anything right now, I just want you to say that again"

"I love you and I always have"

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