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Grace's POV

People started coming over to the party and Ellie was standing next to me the whole time with her hand on my waist, keeping me very close to her as she talked to some of her friends.

"Where is my princess?" I heard Ellie say "I'm right here- you're talking about Coco aren't you?" She blushed and scratched the back of her neck "you're still my princess though" I laughed and pecked her lips "it's okay, I love seeing you all loving and caring with Coco, it's cute"

Ellie smiled and pecked my lips "I'm gonna go look for her and put her in our room just so no one annoys her" I nodded and Ellie walked away. I went to get myself some water "hey" I jumped and looked to my side to see Alexi "you scared me"

I hugged her "so what happened with you and Ellie?" I blushed at the mention of Ellie making Alexis gasp "so you two are officially together? That bitch is out of the picture?" She asked and I shook my head "not officially, we're taking things slow also me and Camila are friends"

Alexis sighed "but you don't want to be friends with her?" She asked. I shrugged "I don't know. She cheated on me and it kinda hurts. I don't know.."

"What the fuck?" I turned around and looked at Camila who looked and sounded drunk "didn't we get past the 'I cheated' thing like yesterday?" She asked, taking a step closer to me.

"Yeah but it's still gonna be hard for me to forget-" I felt a hand on my waist so I looked to my side to see Ellie glaring at Camila "she doesn't have to explain why she doesn't want to be friends with you. She can do whatever the fuck she wants and you can't say anything about it"

"So she can't speak for herself now?" Camila asked crossing her arms. Courtney came and tried to stop Camila but she didn't stop "oh she can but I just don't want her to waste her breathe on you. You're not worth it"

Camila clenched her jaw and punched Ellie "oh my god" I said putting my hand on Ellie's other cheek "are you okay?" She didn't fall or stumble or lose her balance. None of that, her face just went to the side from the power of the punch.

"I'm fine" she said looking at me. She looked at Camila and let go of my waist. Ellie pushed Camila back then turned her around, pushing her back as she stood beside her making Camila's face on the counter being pressed hardly on it now while Ellie kept holding her hair to keep her still.

"Do that one more time and I promise you, I will destroy you and I'm not even kidding" Ellie said while her face was close to Camila's ear "shut up asshole" Camila said. Ellie clenched her jaw, looking more angry.

"what is happening?!" We looked towards the door alongside the people who were watching the fight to see Ellie's mother "everyone leave. The party's over" she said making everyone leave"

"You let her go" Ellie looked at Camila then let her go, coming towards me again. I cupped her face and moved my thumb slowly on the small cut on her cheek making her groan "I'm sorry" I said pecking her lips.

She smiled and shook her head "don't apologize love, it's not your fault" Alexis left with the others since Amani didn't let anyone stay other than us.

"Yeah this is cute and shit but everyone go sit down" Amani said. I held Ellie's hand and went to sit down on the couch. Camila and Courtney sat in front of us as Amani was still standing up, waiting for an explanation.

We explained what happened "so you and Grace are together now?" Amani asked. I looked down hoping she doesn't hate me or something "yeah we are" Ellie said putting her hand on my thigh "fucking finally" I looked up at Amani who gave Ellie a high five making her laugh.

"She talked about you to me and this girl is so in love with you, you don't even know" Ellie blushed and looked at me, making me smile and kiss her cheek.

"You guys are off topic" Courtney said making us look at her "like please yell at Camila for what she did" she said.

I've never been more confused "isn't she your girlfriend?" Ellie asked. Courtney nodded "I mean yeah, we're dating but this bitch just punched my best friend. My best friend comes first no matter what"

I looked at Ellie who smiled at what Courtney said "what the fuck?" Camila said. Ellie's smile died as she looked at Camila "I feel unwanted right now" she added, Ellie fake smiled "you are unwanted babe"

"I will punch you again right now-" Ellie stood up "I fucking dare you" she said back to Camila who also stood up. I held Ellie's hand making her look at me "sit down please" I said not wanting to her to get hurt again.

She sighed and sat down, moving closer to me and wrapping her arm around my shoulder "I'm sorry" she said. I smiled and shook my head "don't be. I know what she said triggered you but I just didn't want you to get hurt again"

She smiled and leaned in, connecting her lips with mine for a kiss. We kissed for a bit and Ellie wouldn't pull back, I didn't mind but her mom is in the room. I backed away and rested both of my hands on her chest "your mom is standing there" Ellie looked back at her mom who was looking away from us and talking to Camila and Courtney.

"She's not looking" she said leaning in for another kiss. She pecked my lips but I stopped her "just because she's not looking doesn't mean we have to kiss. I mean..if we were in public, let's say in a coffee shop and no one was looking, would you fuck me?"

"Yes" she answered quickly making me roll my eyes "you can't be serious" I said. She nodded "I'm dead serious" I looked at her face expressions that didn't even slightly change after what she said "okay that's kind of concerning now"

"Okay you guys done?" We looked towards her mom and nodded, my cheeks turning slightly red from embarrassment "now Grace, do you still want to be friends with Camila?"

I looked at Camila who was glaring at me "don't fucking do that-" Ellie was cut off by her mom "you can't just yell at someone because of the way they were looking at you or Grace" Amani said.

Ellie nodded "yes I fucking can. This bitch here is using my girl. She knows that Grace will feel fucking bad if she said she didn't want to be friends with her, that's why she wouldn't say that she doesn't want to be friends with Camila, she won't be able to say what she wants!"

I looked at Ellie "do you really think I'm some kind of weak person?" I asked her. Ellie looked at me and shook her head "that's not what I meant Grace and you know that I didn't mean that"

I nodded and looked down. Ellie sat down again, she wrapped her arm around me and kissed my cheek "you're not weak. You're just really caring and pure..I didn't mean that you're weak"

"I know. I just get really sensitive for no reason..sorry" I said wiping my tear "I don't even know why I'm crying"I said laughing a little.

"You're just overwhelmed, let it all out love" she said putting her hand above my chest, very close to it so she would make me calm down a little, seeing that I started breathing heavily "just say what you wanna say"

"You fucking hurt me Camila. You made me feel like you needed someone else to give you your needs and fulfill them even though I put my heart into our relationship and tried to be the best girlfriend to you but now I feel like I didn't try hard enough!"

"Ellie you make me feel so good about myself but you made me feel not enough either!" She frowned her eyebrows "but that was a really long time ago. I thought you forgave me-"

"I forgive you but I didn't forget!" I stood up and breathed heavily "you made me harm myself, you made me feel alone, you made everyone hate me! Yes I forgive you but don't expect me to forget it like it was nothing!"

Ellie swallowed hardly and stood up, looking at me with tears in her eyes "I'll try to fix it. I promise-" I pushed her hands away from me "I just wanna be alone"

She nodded "okay..I love you"

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