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Grace's POV:

She laughed and walked towards me "look who it is" she said looking down at me as she got really close to me. I played with my fingers nervously and looked down "seems like you're my roommate, Rodriguez"

I looked up at her "I can go tell Kennedy to change our dorms if you'd like that" I said stuttering. This girl brought pure fear to my life.

I wanted to walk out of the dorm but she put her arm around my shoulder and pulled me closer to her "no no, why kill the fun?" She said looking at me then back her best friend Courtney.

Courtney was a bitch, at least just to me. I mean she is Ellie's best friend so I expect her to be like her.

"I'll see you later El" Courtney said leaving our dorm and closing the door behind her "oh you bought some things? How sweet of you?" She said sarcastically looking in the bags that I brought and are now next to the couch.

I scratched the back of my neck feeling more nervous "you brought Red Bull? Cool" she said taking one and opening it. She took a sip from it and sat on the couch "put the sheets on my bed" she said throwing them to me.

I caught them but stayed where I was "did you not hear me?" I looked down, not being able to hold eye contact with the intimidating woman that was sitting on the couch nodding my head at her and feeling like I just couldn't say no.

I went to her room and started putting the sheets on the bed and on the pillows. I went back to the living room and she was flipping the channels "it has nothing to watch, did you bring an Apple TV or something?" She asked standing up.

I shook my head "I don't use Apple TV, I have a smart tv at home so it has everything" I said, she laughed and nodded "I literally don't care, I just wanted to know if you have an Apple TV or not"

This made my heart ache for some reason, it just hurt. I looked down and played with my rings "why are you just standing there? Go to your room or something..fucking weirdo" she mumbled the last part quietly but I heard it.

"I just want to get some food.." I said pointing to the bag. She stood in front of me "wait wait.." she said looking down at me "..does it look like I care?"

I just looked down. She held my chin and made me look up at her "I think I asked a question and I'm expecting an answer" she said, I shook my head "no you don't look like you care"

She smiled and patted my head "exactly" she walked to her room and closed the door. I immediately went to my room, feeling myself really close to having a panic attack.

I closed the door and locked it. I sat down on the floor and put my head back on it as tears started coming down my cheeks. I started rubbing my hands up and down my sweatpants while counting to ten slowly, taking deep breaths in between every number.

My dad used to tell me to count to ten whenever I have a panic attack and it did help. He was always there to help me, I used to get them when someone starts asking multiple questions at once or when I have an important test..now I just get them from a lot of things other than that.

After a while I felt myself calming down. I stood up taking the water bottle that was on the night stand and drinking a bit of it. I let out a deep breathe and fell back on the bed, looking at the ceiling.

My dumb self thought college years would be way better than high school years but with this devil in the same college and same dorm, I don't think it will be good at all..no, I know it won't be good at all.

Now I have to accept the fact that the person that made my life miserable is going to stay in it for the next 4 years of college.

Maybe we'd bond since we live together, maybe she'd go easy on me, maybe she would at least feel bad for the shit she does to me but I don't think she will.

I heard loud knocks on my door "who is it?" I asked sitting up and wiping my tears "take a good guess" Ellie said sarcastically. I sniffed and stood up, opening the door "I'm ordering some McDonald's, want anything?"

I smiled widely, she shook her head "your paying for your meal" she walked away and I went behind her, not even caring that I'm paying, I'm just happy she asked me if I wanted to eat anything.

"So what do you want?" She asked, sitting down on the couch and spreading her legs "just some chicken nuggets and a coke" I said smiling and sitting next to her.

She glared at me and I moved away, looking down at my hands that were resting on my lap embarrassed at the fact that I even did that.

She ordered the food and we both sat there in silence as she went through her phone "are you just gonna awkwardly sit there or what?" She said rudely. I shook my head and stood up, going to the kitchen and putting all the stuff I bought in their place.

We heard a knock on the door and I wanted to go open the door, putting my hand on the door knob "don't open it" Ellie said. I frowned "why?"

She stood up and looked at me, not knowing how to answer "just...shut up!" she said frustrated. I stepped back from the door and she opened it, giving the guy the money and taking the food.

"Here is your food" she gave it to me and my drink as well "I really hope I don't see you while eating.." she said, I nodded and went to my room.

I sat on my bed and started eating, making sure I don't drop anything on the bed.

I finished eating after a while and put the trash back in the food bag then went to the living room, seeing that Ellie left her trash on the table. I took it with me then went outside, throwing it away.

I got back to the dorm and closed the door, going to Ellie's room and knocking on the door "come in!" I opened the door and peeked my head through it, she just got out of the shower, wearing grey sweatpants and a sports bra.

"What?" She asked, I smiled "I just wanted to tell you goodnight" I said nervously. This was weird to say especially to the person who made me hate my life but I just feel like going to sleep without saying goodnight to the people in the place I'm staying in would be rude.

"Okay?" She said laughing. My smile died and I nodded "okay, sweet dreams"

I was going to walk out of her room when I heard her sigh and call my name. I turned around "goodnight Grace"

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