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A/N:okay quick question bc I can't decide myself, do you want Camila to be intersex too or not?

(Also I didn't re-read this chapter so I'm sorry if there are any spelling mistakes)

Grace's POV

I was in the hallway with Camila walking next to me, our fingers interlocked as we walked slowly, not having anything to rush to since we just finished our class.

"Camila!" We both looked behind us to see some of her friends "give me a second baby, I'll be right back" I nodded my head as she made her way towards them.

I heard the door slam open so I looked towards it, to see Ellie running in my direction with two police officers running behind her. What did she do now?

She got very close to me and I knew she wouldn't make it, they were fast so I went towards them and stood in front of them letting Ellie run past me.

I held my notebook "sir my professor asked me to do an interview with a police officer, may I know your name?" I asked acting like I'm gonna start writing.

I saw the other officer wanting to go past me "two actually. Can I get your names?" I tried my best to be as annoying as possible and not let them go past me "ma'am, we know what you're doing and if you don't move away we will arrest you for interfering with not one but two police officers while we were trying to arrest a woman"

"But I'm not doing that, I don't even know Ellie- I mean that woman" dumb bitch. They looked at each other then back at me , taking the handcuffs "ma'am, please take your backpack off while showing me your hands" he said and I did what he said.

"Put your hands behind her back" I put my hands behind my back and he got behind me, putting the handcuffs on my wrist "miss you are arrested for interfering with the police"

I sighed and looked at Camila who looked at me with worry and concern.

I'm scared, really scared. I've never been arrested or at least in handcuffs, I'm so scared.


I was sitting in the cell in the police station when I heard them unlocking it. I looked up seeing Ellie "okay dude chill" she said to the cop as he uncuffed her and pushed her in the cell.

She looked at me and smiled "it's nice seeing you here miss Rodriguez" she said sitting down next to me "the least you could've done was not get caught Ellie, I did this exactly for that and now I'm sitting in jail with absolutely no reason"

"Calm down, it's fine but that was really cool, didn't think you'd ever do that for someone, especially me" I looked at her and she did the same, smiling at me making me unintentionally smile.

"It was kind of fun" I said quietly. She nodded "being a bad girl is fun sometimes" she said hitting her shoulder with mine purposely making me laugh.

"Why did you do it?" She asked looking in front of her, her hands in her lap and head rested back on the wall "because you're my fr- you're my roommate and roommate should help each other"

She smiled and nodded "true" we stayed quiet for a bit until I broke it "why were you running from them?" I asked which made her laugh for some reason "they caught me doing cocaine"

"It was literally like 9 something in the morning" I said, she looked at me and laughed "yeah I know, sometimes things just get overwhelming and I need it..that's why" she said, her smile fading away when she said that.

"Oh I'm sorry" I said seeing her get sad. She smiled again and shook her head "don't worry about it, it's not your fault"

We heard the keys so we looked towards the cop "miss Rodriguez, miss Green just paid for you" he said, Camila looking at me and smiling softly.

I smiled and went towards her, hugging her as he closed the cell again "oh come on, are you seriously leaving me here?" Ellie asked me, holding the jail bars.

"You deserve it" I said wrapping my arm around Camila's waist and wanting to walk out "come on Grace.."

I hate the fact that she knows that I'm a person that feels bad quickly.

I looked back at her "por favor, mi amor" Ellie said. why did that make me feel things in my stomach?

I looked at Camila and gave her puppy eyes, making her roll her eyes and nod "okay just wait here and I'll go pay for her dumbass" she said looking at Ellie who smiled "thanks Cami"

Camila walked away and put her middle finger out for Ellie making both of laugh. I went towards the jail bars and held the ones she was holding but below her hands.

"You should speak more Spanish" I said, looking into her beautiful eyes "why? Do you like it? Does it turn you on?" She asked smirking.

I laughed and shook my head "you sound beautiful when you talk in it, it is a true blessing to listen to you talk in Spanish" I said. She smiled softly and genuinely "anything for you, mi amor"

I looked down feeling my cheeks heat up "no..look at me" I looked up at her and held eye contact with her, feeling like it's hard to look away from her eyes.

We heard someone clear their throat making us turn to look at them, Camila smiling and coming towards me as I let my hands fall from the jail bars.

She held my waist and looked at Ellie "I better have something good in return" Camila said to Ellie who laughed and looked at me "you won't get something good but your girl will" Ellie said, looking down my body which made Camila groan and say "you're so fucking annoying"

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