12 | close to you

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I can't help but curse every time I think about the psychotic security guard that has broken into Nevaeh's room. Even though he's now behind bars, it reminds me of how I failed to manage the building properly.

It's such a shame that Nevaeh had to go through that. What a horrible way to meet her again.

I let out a heavy sigh, touching my forehead as I lean back against my chair at my office desk. The human resources department needs to suffer the consequences just as much as the head of security does, even though I do feel guilty for him after Nevaeh told me that I shouldn't have fired him. Should I not fire him?

"Mr. Klein?" Chloe, my temporary secretary, knocks on the door, carrying a pile of documents. "I'm here to bring you the contracts."

I nod to let her come in, and a big smile creeps on her lips as she makes her way toward me.

Her hips sway sensually as she walks closer, and I can't help but notice how short her skirt is. It does a terrible job in covering her upper thighs, and I don't understand how she feels comfortable wearing that in the office.

The sound of her heels clicking on the marble floor echoes, and I have to get used to it for a few more days until my permanent secretary, Mrs. Rogers, returns from her trip after sending her daughter overseas for her first year in college.

Chloe arrives at my side and puts the papers on my desk. "Here are the agreements you have to sign today, Sir." She tucks a strand of her hair behind her ear and gazes at me dreamily under her lashes.

I focus my attention on the documents instead, but when she bends down, it's impossible to not notice her cleavage that she also fails to hide by wearing a deep V neck top.

She stretches her neck to accommodate the view, assuming that I would enjoy this. The smell of her perfume reaches my nostrils, and I don't pull away to detach myself from her.

Because a part of me wants to know how my body would respond this time.

I stiffen, suddenly feeling nauseous. That makes me lean back on my chair to draw the distance between us. Disappointment crosses Chloe's expression, while the only thing I can give her is a cold stare.

"You can leave now," I say sharply, and a small pout touches her lips.

Nevertheless, she understands the command and turns on her heels.

While she's walking to the door, my gaze darts on her long wavy blonde locks, round ass, and smooth long legs. I wouldn't deny that she's an attractive woman, but just as I'm aware of, women don't affect me.

Not anymore.

Not even physically.

It's fucking ridiculous that while the image of her body is very vivid in my eyes, my body doesn't feel anything. I can't feel anything.

Maybe it's about time that I visit my doctor or therapist. Ashton has reminded me countless times that I should do that, but I don't feel like it.

Fuck. It's fucking irritating to be treated as a sick person.

I'd rather bury myself with work to forget that. Working overtime has been my habit for the past two years. It's enough as therapy for me. The good thing about living alone is that no one would be waiting for me at home.

Now that I think about that, I have another problem. Nevaeh now lives with me, and I have to hide her from everyone else.

I can't imagine if Luna knows about this. She would be shocked, and I don't know whether she's willing to hide this from Max. If Max knows about this, he will most probably tell Nevaeh's father, and if that happens, Nevaeh's dreams will be crushed. I will be the cause of that.

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