24 | forbidden

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I'm reading a book on my bed when a knock on my door startles me.

"Miss Nevaeh." It's Ian's voice.

I close the book and walk to the door. When I open it, Ian's smile greets me. "Dinner is ready."

He walks off, and I follow him to the dining room. When I step into the place, the foods served on the table make my mouth water.

However, it feels unfitting to eat all of these wonderful dishes alone.

"Where's Aiden?" I ask as Ian walks into the kitchen.

"He's supposed to be here by now," he says. "Earlier today, he said that he would be joining you for dinner."

That information makes a smile touch my lips. Unlike yesterday when Aiden was stuck with work until late at night, he apparently won't miss his dinner tonight.

I take a seat, rest my chin on my palms, and wait for him. I have no idea why I'm smiling, perhaps it's because I remember him saying that he liked my cooking. Maybe I should try another new recipe?

Minutes pass, but Aiden still hasn't come into sight that I'm starting to worry about the food getting cold.

"Is he in the library?" I stretch my neck toward the kitchen, expecting Ian to answer me from behind the counter.

But the old man is nowhere in sight.

I decide to find the answer myself and walk out of the dining room. While I'm making my way to Aiden's home office, I glance at my wristwatch.

He must be there. He's usually there at this hour when he's not in the office.

When I arrive in front of the door, I notice that it's slightly opened. Carefully, I peek inside. "Aiden?"

I'm surprised to find that the room is empty. I sigh before walking away.

I pass his bedroom and knock on the door, but there's no answer.

"Ma'am," someone interrupts me.

A maid is walking in my direction, ready to assist me. "Are you looking for Mr. Klein?" I nod, and she continues, "I think he left his room a while ago."

My eyebrows shoot up.

If he'd been on his way to have dinner, we would have bumped into each other. Where did he go?

I continue walking, and when I turn around the corner, I find a room that catches my attention. His art room.

The door is closed.

"Aiden?" I call, only to have no response.

Is he painting? That might be why he loses track of time.

Slowly, I turn the handle of the door. Even though I don't find Aiden, the sight before me takes my breath away again that I don't feel like walking off.

I find that some of the paintings placed in this room are different than the ones I saw when I first came here. Has he painted new ones?

Curious and amazed, I step further into the room to explore more. Just like last time, my heart feels warm just by looking at these beautiful paintings of people and landscapes. He's truly a great artist, isn't he?

I come to a halt when I find a picture of a house. It looks different than the other paintings. The texture isn't as smooth, but it's still a beautiful artwork.

The house is so big to the point that it can be called a mega-mansion, but it doesn't look intimidating. It looks welcoming and warm.

I've heard that Klein Residence is one of the biggest properties in New York. Did he paint his home back then?

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