47 | possessive

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Double updates for Chapter 46 & 47. Please make sure you've read the previous chapter.



We end up settling at a table on the back patio of the house overlooking the pool. I haven't stormed at the jerk who broke Ash's heart, thanks to Ash and Maya. They've pulled me back before I could do something reckless.

Sometimes, anger makes us take impulsive actions. I should have realized that attacking that jerk would only cause problems and embarrass Ash even more.

What could I do to him, anyway? Slap him?

I've never thought that a college party could be this big. This house is filled with so many people. Music blasts in my ear as I travel my gaze around the place.

There are many rooms upstairs, and I see some people filling in the second floor. What are they doing there?

I shift my attention back to my friends and notice that Ash looks gloomy. She tears her gaze away from her ex-boyfriend, who's making a scene on the dance floor. He's dancing wildly with his new girl. People cheer on them.

"Hey," Maya speaks to her. "Do you want to dance over there?" She gestures toward another area where people are dancing. "Let's go. I'm your date tonight. Who says that you need a guy to have fun?"

Ash chuckles even though there's still sadness in her eyes. She nods and takes Maya's hand. "Let's dance, Nevaeh."

I shake my head. "I'm staying here. I don't feel like dancing. Besides, I'm securing this table for us."

They stare at me, as though they want to make sure if I'm really okay with that.

"Please. I'm okay," I say.

I'm waiting for another person too. I'm afraid that if I move from this spot, it will be more difficult for him to find me among the crowd.

Maya and Ash give in and walk off to the dance floor.

I check my phone, but there's no sign that he has arrived. He would have told me if he had. He should be here shortly.

The last time he texted me, he was on his way here.

"Hey, you alone?" Someone's voice startles me.

I turn my head and find a guy taking a seat on the stool next to me. My whole body is suddenly on alert. I don't like the smirk on his face. He looks drunk too.

"You need a drink?" He places two bottles of beer on the table with a loud thud.

I stare at him with a lost expression, immediately remembering Dad's rules. I haven't reached my legal age to drink, anyway.

"She doesn't drink." A familiar voice interrupts.

My gaze darts to the man I've been waiting to see tonight. Huge relief washes over me as I see him standing next to me. He glares at the tipsy guy, and the guy mutters 'Shit' before walking off.

A big grin creeps on my lips.

"Flynn." I stand up, and we give each other a long hug. "It's so good to see you again."

He sits beside me and smirks. "I saw you at the entrance but then some people blocked my sight."

"You found me in the crowd and you arrived just in time." I chuckle.

I missed Flynn.

We're ten years apart, and he's like a big brother to me. My parents and his family have been close for years because they used to be neighbors.

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