69 | a beginning for another

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I close my book with a sigh when the professor finishes the lecture

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I close my book with a sigh when the professor finishes the lecture. It's reaching lunchtime.

My mind should have focused on what the professor taught just now, but again, I got distracted because of Aiden. Maya told me that my face looked red and asked me if I wasn't feeling well.

This is not good. Why am I so weak when it comes to him?

He has made me daydream in class a couple of times. I really should compose myself.

But then, how could I do that after what happened between us a few nights ago?

Aiden and I had sex almost the whole night.

Oh, God.

Even when I think about it now, I feel like hot honey is pouring down from my chest to the area between my thighs.

Damn. I remember the warmth of his hold, his tenderness, and the sweet words he whispered to me.

That night was filled with so much passion and feelings. I felt so much, so overwhelmed that I could hardly breathe.

Even now, I can hardly breathe when I think about it again.

It felt like we didn't just have sex. It felt like we were... making love.

I abruptly shake my head in denial, stand up from the chair, and shove my books back into my bag. What the hell am I thinking about? Making love?

Don't be embarrassing, Nevaeh. You're not a poet.


I snap my head when I hear Ash's voice. She's already standing in front of my desk, with Maya.

"I've called you five times." Ash chuckles, shaking her head knowingly. "You really left earth for a while."

My cheeks heat up. I wonder if Ash knows who I was thinking about.

No, she definitely knows.

"Did something good happen between you and Aiden?" Ash asks giddily. 

Maya stares at me before her mouth drops into an O shape, as though she just figured out why my face was red and that it wasn't because I felt unwell.

I put my bag around my shoulder, ready to leave the class with them. I notice that the classroom is almost empty with only us standing here. I've been acting like a lovestruck zombie, and I have to change that.

"So what's the good news?" Maya asks in a cheerful tone as we walk to the door. "I've always wondered what happened between you and Aiden after that night at the party, but you never gave us the details."

Ash suddenly halts, causing all of us to stop walking. She tosses Maya a mischievous look.

"Oh really?" She smirks at Maya. "You haven't told us either about that new secret admirer of yours. I knew that a guy kept stealing glances at you in our lecture just now." 

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