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"How did you kn--" the guy's voice is cut off, replaced by his scream

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"How did you kn--" the guy's voice is cut off, replaced by his scream.

I hear the sound of his bone break, and my heart feels like stopping. The guy falls to the ground next to me, causing me to let out a small scream.

"You fucking piece of shit," he curses, holding back his pain as he crawls away from me.

I snap my head toward his attacker and see Aiden.

Oh God, he's here. He's really here.

He's wearing a black jacket -- I've never seen him in this outfit. I usually saw him in either his home attire or a formal suit.

He stares at me with a piercing gaze, and my breath catches in my throat.

I have so many questions for him, but the first thing I ask is, "Did you break his hand?"

It's shocking that a guy was trying to molest me, but it's equally shocking that Aiden has just broken his hand.

"He deserved it," Aiden says. He still looks pissed.

"What are you doing here?" I stutter.

I want to cry for two different reasons. The first one is that he just saved me, and the second one is that I don't want him to be here.

"Well, what are you doing here alone?" he asks back. There's still so much anger in his voice. "I thought you went with your best friends. Where the hell are they? Can't you imagine what would have happened if I hadn't found you in time?"

I'm stunned. Whatever reason I give him, I'll still look stupid because Aiden has indeed saved me from something horrible.

"I'm the one who left them because I underestimated things," I admit.

I technically did walk away from Maya because I couldn't hold my bladder, and Ash had been going through a hard time tonight.

Aiden steps closer to me, and I quickly say, "You can't come here." I look around, hoping that no one is here to hear our conversation. "There are a lot of people here, and many of them probably know who you are and wouldn't hesitate to post your picture on social media."

Aiden halts. "I don't fucking care about what they would post or say about me. I've dealt with enough bullshit the world threw at my family. I'll get rid of it in no time."

I know that Aiden's family is powerful enough to control the media, but it doesn't give me the assurance I need.

"But I care," I say pleadingly. "What if my family sees our picture? I don't know how much more I'll be able to lie."

Aiden frowns, noticing how panicked I am. "Nevaeh." He tries to reach my hand, but I back off.

"I think we should maintain a distance here," I say, trying to keep my voice strong. My words are hurting him, and I can see it clearly in his expression. "Or you can leave. I'm not coming home with you now," I say firmly and turn on my heels.

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