56 | in your eyes

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Mature content ahead.



My heart feels like exploding when Aiden kisses me fiercely. My hands shoot to his arms while he cups my face.

This kiss is everything. I feel his desire and emotions mixed up in this kiss. I don't know how I can take what's going to happen next, because this kiss alone already makes me feel like tearing up.

But I want this. I want him.

Without stopping the kiss, Aiden lifts my legs that they wrap around his waist. He carries me, but I can barely focus on where we're going inside this room. All I can do is hold on to him, circling my arms around his shoulders and kissing him back with all my heart.

He pulls away and stares at me with a look so intense that I feel like my chest is about to burst. His amber eyes are burning with passion.

Carefully, he places me down so that my back lands on the ground. Surprisingly, I'm lying on something soft and comfortable instead of the cold wooden floor. Aiden has put me down on a carpet.

"You have no idea about what you're doing to me," Aiden hisses.

Before I can respond, his lips meet mine again in a tantalizing kiss. I grip his shirt when our tongues dance. I can't control my racing heartbeat.

All this time, I've always wanted to awaken this side of Aiden, only to admit that I only want him to have such feelings for me. Not for any woman, or any girl, but only me.

Even though what we're doing now is very overwhelming to me and makes my mind go crazy, I realize how badly I want him too. I want him to see me as a woman, one he can unleash his feelings without holding back.

Aiden places butterfly kisses along my neck. He's too focused on what his mouth is doing to my skin that he doesn't even bother to take off his clothes. Meanwhile, here I am, lying almost bare naked.

Hold on, did I just wish for him to peel off his clothes?

Aiden pulls away to look at me. The sight of him gazing at me makes a blush creeps onto my cheeks.

"Fuck," he whispers. "When you blush, you make me even--" He clenches his jaw,  stopping his sentence.

The next thing I know is that his lips crash into mine again. He makes me lost in another passionate kiss for a good a minute before we break apart for air. He pants, staring at me like he can't believe what he's doing.

"I'm sorry," he rasps. "I'm sorry, Nevaeh."

I frown, wondering why he stopped. Aiden has said this sentence plenty of times, and I never like the agony on his face every time he apologizes to me. It hurts me to see him in pain.

"I'm sorry that--" he pauses. "I'm sorry that I want you, I need you so bad, I may break you with what I want to do to you."

I don't know what to say. My mind can't comprehend what's going to happen. But we wouldn't be doing this if I didn't want him to start. That's why I provoked him, right?

Oh, Gosh, I'm such a bad girl.

Is he going to take my virginity tonight?

I swallow. I'm nervous, not because of the thought of giving my virginity to him, but because of thinking if it's going to hurt really bad. I've heard some facts and stories, but I never know which one is true. Many say that it depends on the situation and the people themselves.

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