64 | hold me

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Sexual content ahead



Nevaeh looks drugged, staring back at me helplessly.

"I need you to do something for me."

She looks so vulnerable. Her eyes are telling me that she'll do what I say.

"Kiss me," I whisper.

Nevaeh obeys. Her hands slightly shake as she cups my face. She kisses me softly, and my emotions are all over the place.

I add another finger inside her, earning another gasp from her. I take that chance to caress her tongue with mine. She responds.

Fuck. Nevaeh is kissing me while allowing me to finger-fuck her. What have I done to experience this kind of pleasure? Did I save a country in my previous life or what?

This kiss, my fingers inside her, and my other hand continuously giving attention to her breast make Nevaeh even more drenched. I can hear the wet sound produced from fingerfucking her. Her walls clench, and I can feel that she's close to her orgasm.

I suddenly pull away, and Nevaeh stares at me with a flushed face. Goddammit. Watching her like this makes me even harder.

I get out of her bed, pull down my jogger pants, and take out a packet of condom from the pocket.

Nevaeh looks away as soon as she sees my dick. A lot of things are probably going inside her head.

I don't want to scare her away with my size, but I can't hide myself. I'm so hard for her.

I sheath myself with the condom and tower her again. Now, I can see the worry crossing her expression.

I peck her lips. "I'll be gentle."

She nods, wrapping her arms around my back. I align my dick at her opening and begin to push. Nevaeh gasps, tightening her hold on me.

I'm breaking her hymen, easing into her, and feeling her tight muscles around me. A curse slips out of my lips because I know that I'm hurting her. Even though she's already wet, this is her first time and she still needs a long way to go to adjust to my size.

I watch as she squeezes her eyes shut and tosses her head. Tears are already rolling down her cheeks.

"Nevaeh," I pant. With my elbows placed on both sides of her head, I'm trying to push without slamming all the way into her. "Look at me."

She does, and my heart breaks as I see her pain.

"This is the only time that I'm hurting you." My voice is shaking. "I'm sorry." Another tear slips from her eye, and I kiss it away. "I promise you." I kiss another tear. "It will only hurt this time. I promise."

After all of my dick is finally inside her, I can't help but groan. It frustrates me because I feel so fucking good but she's in so much pain. "Oh, God." I swear that I almost cry.

I never thought that I'd finally be one with her.

My heart feels like it can explode at any time. Fuck. No. No no no.

My heart.

I shouldn't feel something this powerful for any woman anymore. I'm not ready to face the consequences. How am I going to survive my life without her?

I didn't have sex for two years, and now that I finally am, it dawns on me that the core problem isn't about my physical needs. I don't want to embrace any woman.

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