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Mature content ahead.



My feet are nailed onto the ground. Even though Aiden is now standing before me, I can't move. I'm still startled by his sudden appearance. I never expected that he would step into my campus library.

"Aiden?" I echo in disbelief. "What are you doing here?"

The sight in front of me makes me hold my breath. Aiden looks disheveled, lost, like something is torturing him.

"I..." he places his forehead against mine, cornering me against the bookshelf.

The sudden closeness makes my heart beat rapidly.

"I missed you." His voice is hoarse.

He pulls away, and I can see clearly the desperation on his face and the longing in his eyes. It's almost painful to watch.

My mind is still trying to comprehend what's happening. This feels like magic.

I felt ashamed because I couldn't stop thinking about him, but now that I look at his state, I guess that he's feeling the same way, maybe even more than I am.

I wonder why he's acting like this. Isn't he supposed to be busy during the day? He's a CEO, after all. There are so many important things that should distract him from me.

But then, I remember what happened this morning. Ashton has indeed canceled all of Aiden's schedules today, hasn't he?


Aiden places his hands on my arms, leaning closer to me.

"People will see." My voice is filled with worry. I don't want other students to see us making out.

Wait, making out? What the hell am I thinking about?

Aiden's gaze darts to the library section's name before he focuses his attention on me again.

"In this section?" he whispers. "I doubt that." A hint of amusement crosses his expression. "How did you even get here?"

His question makes me feel dumb.

"I was..." I falter.

I can't answer that. I don't even know how I ended up here. My mind was not on the right track. I was just walking around to nowhere in particular, not thinking at all about my project assignment.

Aiden raises his eyebrows when I go silent. He pecks me on the lips. It's so soft and quick I don't even have the time to respond.

He pecks my lips again. Once. Twice. I grip the front of his shirt.

"How did you get here?" I ask him the same question.

"I was looking for you," Aiden says. We stare at each other, and my knees go weak when he whispers, "Come here."

Aiden pulls me closer to him. This time, he kisses me properly. My back is pushed against the shelf as our kiss deepens. I gasp, and Aiden takes that chance to tease me with his tongue. I respond, circling my arms around his neck.

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