63 | a night to remember

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Sexual content ahead



I step out of my room and walk along the corridor with my heart pounding inside my chest. My fist is clenched tightly at my side. Although I've taken a shower to calm down, my heart is still restless.

How the fuck can I be calm after hearing what Nevaeh said tonight in the jacuzzi?

Every step that I'm taking now makes me closer to her bedroom, and I know what's going to happen if I go there. I don't know if she has finished taking a shower, but I'm sure that I gave her time to think about this again.

I was thinking too much about this. I even spent half an hour alone in my bedroom wondering if it was really going to happen tonight.

Goddammit, I'm fucking nervous.

Her bedroom door comes into sight, and I swallow. I don't know if this is a good idea. My feelings for her are so damn strong it fucking hurts. Maybe doing this will only destroy me. I know for sure that my feelings will be unstoppable.

But then, how could I ignore Nevaeh's wish when she asked me with so much hope in her eyes? The sight of her crying made my heart instantly drop.

I hate to see her cry.

Why was she crying?

I wrap my fingers around the door handle, closing my eyes as I remember the wish she asked me to fulfill an hour ago.

"Aiden." She took a deep breath. "I want to have it tonight. I want my first time to be with you."

I curse silently at myself.

Why did she suddenly say it tonight after hearing about my past?

I feel that the more I show her my vulnerability, the more she'll accept me. The more I'll show her my true feelings, the more she wants to be with me. This is the opposite of my fear, but it terrifies me because it's too good to be true.

"I want to hold you while you take all of me," she said.

I knock on her bedroom door, and her voice echoes from the other side of the door. "Come in."

Shivers run down my spine. I take a deep breath. I open the door and find Nevaeh sitting on her bed, wrapped in her bathrobe. Her long wavy hair falls naturally against her shoulders and back.

Our gazes meet, and I can see from her eyes that she's nervous too.

I close the door behind me and lock it. My heart beats faster the closer I get to her.

When I halt in front of her, Nevaeh says, "I don't know what I should wear." She looks away, too shy to look at me again.

She doesn't have to worry about that.

I gently put my hands on her upper arms, causing her to look at me as I help her stand up.

"Nevaeh," I say in a serious tone. "Are you sure that you want to do this?"

Nevaeh nods. "Yes." Her voice is a whisper, but there's no hint of doubt in it.

I press my lips on her forehead, closing my eyes.

When we pull away, I lock my gaze with hers. Slowly, I pull the string of her bathrobe, causing it to fall off her shoulders and touch the ground beneath us.

She swallows while I admire her body. Just like when we were in my art room, I can feel her insecurity from the way she avoids my eyes and lets out a shaky breath. I don't understand why she feels that way.

She shouldn't feel insecure about her body because to me, she's the most beautiful woman I've ever laid my eyes on.

"You're beautiful," I say.

She stares at me, trying to read me.

"You're such a beautiful woman."

Nevaeh's eyes water, as though the words I just said mean the world to her. The word 'woman' seems to have more effect on her than the word 'beautiful'. What is she worried about?

I cup her cheeks and kiss her with all my heart. Our kiss is slow, but I pour all my passion into it. It earns her soft moan, and the effect goes straight to my already hardened dick.


I break our kiss, pressing my forehead against hers. "You said that you wanted to hold me. Hold me close, Heaven. Hold me as much as you want."

Still holding her shoulders gently, I help her lie on her bed. I take off my t-shirt, and she wraps her arms around me. Her chest heaves up and down.

"Don't worry." I plant soft kisses on her face. "I'll take care of you."

My mouth travels down the skin of her neck. I'm trying to take it slow despite the burning desire inside me. Her skin is so soft, and she smells so good. I think I'm addicted to her.

My hand reaches her breast, causing her to squirm under me. I squeeze it gently, feeling her nipple harden under my fingertip.

She gasps. "Aiden--"

I respond by capturing the other nipple in my mouth, teasing it with my tongue. She squirms even more, but I'm not stopping because I know how much she likes it.

I suck on her breast while my other hand travels down to the area between her thighs. I caress her folds with my fingers. Fuck. She's already dripping for me.

"Nevaeh." I sound breathless when I speak. "I'm going to put my finger inside you. Do you want me to stop?"

This will be the first time for her, so I have to make sure of that. I need to do this because I want her to be ready for me.

"No." Nevaeh lets out a shaky breath when I plant a soft kiss on her nipple. "Don't stop."

I push a finger into her, causing her back to arch. She moans loudly, gripping the bed sheet on her sides as she shuts her eyes.

Fuck. She's so tight and warm.

I'm only putting my finger inside her, but I feel like I can cum right here right now. She's really going to be the death of me.

I pull out my finger before putting it back into her through her slick opening. I'm slowly fucking her, stretching her with my finger. I watch her, moving a strand of her hair from her face.

"Look at me," I say, and she opens her eyes.

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