19 | unusual

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Work has always been able to take my mind off. Just like tonight, I'm going through reports and plans to expand the business when I realize that I've been working for hours.

I can't say that what I'm doing is healthy.

The food tray lying on the table at the corner of the room makes me sigh. I haven't even touched the dinner that Ian has brought into my office. I have no appetite for that even though I haven't eaten anything since lunchtime.

A knock on the door makes me look up from the document I'm reviewing. "Come in," I say.

To my surprise, Nevaeh appears at the door. This is the second time that she comes here while I'm working.

"I'm sorry," she says in a small voice. "I don't mean to disturb you. I just want to go through the books again. Please don't bother and continue whatever you're doing." When I don't say anything, she adds rather reluctantly, "I mean, can I?"

"Of course," I say, and she closes the door behind her.

I watch as she walks toward the bookshelves and scans the titles of the books.

When I avert my eyes to my computer, what happened yesterday crosses my mind again. It has only been a day since I found her earring.

My gaze darts on her again. She squints at the books stored on the upper shelf. Her expression is a mixture of confusion and indecisiveness.

The idea of helping her to find the book strikes my mind, just like what happened before. But this time, I'm trying to shake it off.

I don't know why, but after what happened yesterday, my mind refuses to acknowledge her. Besides, I have an urgent e-mail to send right now.

I straighten my back and feel the muscles on my neck move as I swallow. Why the hell am I swallowing?

I suddenly feel restless, and my mind goes blank. I don't even remember the last paragraph I read just now, as though I'm forced to be aware of something else.

My eyes return to Nevaeh, who is now biting her lower lip. She taps her chin with her finger, like she's deep in thought.

I tear my gaze away from her again and look at the paper in my hand but fail to focus on what I'm reading.

What the hell? I've never gotten distracted while working.

I didn't even pay any attention to what Ian said to me when he brought the dinner because I was thinking about signing this contract in my hand, so why does my mind seem to ignore it now?

I take a deep breath to calm down, and this is even more bizarre. Why do I have to calm myself down?

It's not like I'm nervous.

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