71 | not so safe word

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Strong sexual content ahead


Nevaeh takes off her sleepwear in front of me, which makes me take off my shirt in a blink of an eye

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Nevaeh takes off her sleepwear in front of me, which makes me take off my shirt in a blink of an eye. The sight of her bare naked in front of me makes me lose my mind again. I just can't wait to feel the warmth of her skin.

Hold your fucking thought you fucking pervert, I remind myself.

This is not the time to rush. This is the time to just...relax. It's not every time that I see Nevaeh being bold.

After she finishes stripping, Nevaeh settles herself on my lap and puts her hands on my shoulders. She looks me in the eyes, bracing herself as she lifts her body.

"Wait," I stop her, startling her.

I run my fingers through her folds. I don't want to do this without getting her ready. What I find out, however, is surprising.

She gives me a shy look. "I'm already wet for you."

Again, I'm flabbergasted. She said that sentence so softly and naturally that the effect goes straight to my dick.

Her words echo back in my ears, "I kept thinking about the last time we had sex, even when you weren't around."


Is she really horny because of me?

Apparently, yes, you lucky bastard. I've lost count of how many times I've cursed at myself since I entered this room.

Nevaeh holds my dick and aligns herself. She begins sinking, and just after the tip enters her, she moans softly.

That moan should be illegal. It sounds so vulnerable.

She closes her eyes, parting her lips as she sinks further. Her pussy swallows my dick in a tight grip, and it takes all the power in me to not destroy her.

After I'm buried deep inside her, Nevaeh lifts herself very slowly, holding on to my shoulders. She then sinks again until her ass collides with my balls. She does it again. And again. It's slow, but she makes sure to take my entire length, every single time.

She shifts her gaze to me and asks breathlessly, "Is this okay?"

"Yeah," I say in a hoarse voice.

Thank God I still can speak despite being blown away. I'm starstruck by her. I can't take my eyes off her.

Nevaeh is bouncing on my lap now. Her soft moans echo in my ears like a melody from heaven.

"Aiden," my name comes out of her mouth. She keeps moving her hips, throwing her head back.

"You're doing good, Heaven," I say, trying to catch my breath. "You're doing so good."

For fuck's sake, I'm panting although she's the one who does all the job. I won't be able to hold back any longer.

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