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Today's breakfast is quieter than usual. I still find it difficult to control my heart. After what happened last night in the painting room, my cheeks heat up every time I look at Aiden.

While I am fixing my gaze on my plate, I hear Ian say to Aiden, "Your coffee."

Ian puts the cup onto the table and excuses himself.

I'm not ready to think how everyone in this house would react if they knew what happened between me and Aiden. I don't know what they would think of me.

I'm just a girl who's living in this house temporarily because their boss is kind enough to help me out. I'm not supposed to...seduce him, am I? Did I?

But then, I remember that I asked Aiden to paint me naked and I almost choke on my food.

"What time is your class?" Aiden's question makes me look up.

"Um...nine o'clock," I say.

He puts his fork down, finishing his meal and patting his mouth with the napkin.

"I know that your car is fixed, but if you don't feel like driving and need Sam to chauffeur you, just let him know." He sips his coffee.

"Okay," I answer in a small voice, looking down.

I'm sure that I can still drive my car despite how weak my knees feel right now. Aiden made me experience the best feeling ever last night, and every time I think about it, I feel like closing my thighs because of the tingling sensation between them.

Oh, God, what am I thinking about?

My eyes land on Aiden again, only to find a soft smile on the corner of his lips. He stares at me with adoration, and I feel like I'm going to faint.

Please stop staring at me like that. That smile. Gosh, that smile. How could he be so calm?

Aiden checks his watch. "I think I should go now." He stands up from his chair.

While he's walking around the table to approach me, I can't help but notice that his tie is slightly out of place. I stand up too, and when he stops in front of me, I adjust his tie.

To my surprise, Aiden wraps his arm around my waist and tilts my chin up to face him. My heart thumps hard.

"Thank you." He pecks me on the lips, causing a blush to creep on my cheeks.

The sound of something crashing on the floor echoes loudly in the room. I snap my head and find that Ian, who just came back from the kitchen, just dropped a teapot. His eyes are wide as he gawks at us.

Aiden rolls his eyes and mutters, "Get used to it."

Ian's hands shoot to his mouth. He starts wailing. It seems like he's crying out of joy because his laughter erupts between his cries.

"I'm sorry. I'm just --" He's breathless. "I don't know what to say." The poor old man then totters toward the kitchen and squeals.

"I'll see you later." Aiden's words make me look up at him. He's smiling down at me.

My heart beats fast. I don't know how to calm it down.

"I'll see you later." I smile softly.

Just those simple words make me feel so much joy. I'll see you later.

"I'll be in Seattle in three weeks, during the long weekend

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"I'll be in Seattle in three weeks, during the long weekend." Sienna's voice echoes in the car while I'm driving to my campus.

This news make me taken aback, but I shouldn't make it seem suspicious.

"That's great," I exclaim.

I'm sure that Sienna can hear the excitement in my voice. I really am excited. I miss her so much because we haven't seen each other again for quite a while.

There's nothing to worry about because she won't know what's happening between me and Aiden, will she? I'll just have to move to my apartment downstairs while she's here. I'm glad that she lets me know beforehand so that I can prepare that.

"I'm going there with Luna," Sienna says. "She wants to see Aiden, and I want to see you so bad. I miss you so fucking much."

Now I'm really grateful that she doesn't leave this information out because Aiden and I need to settle some things in the penthouse if Luna is coming over too. She can't find out that I'm living there.

Since Aiden hasn't told me anything about this, Luna might have not informed him.

"Hey, don't you miss me too?" Sienna complains.

I laugh a little, realizing that I haven't responded to her sentence for long seconds. "Of course, I do."

I turn my car around the corner of the street when I hear Sienna sigh.

"What about Max?" I ask. "Is he coming over too?"

"I don't think so," she says. "He will have a football practice that weekend. He has a big game at the end of the month."

I involuntarily let a sigh of relief. Among them, Max will be the most difficult one to hide things from. He always has a great intuition, and I'm afraid that I won't be able to keep a secret from him if I see him.

"You're going to welcome me, aren't you?" Sienna asks, and I can imagine a cute pout on her face. "Will you have dates during that weekend? Are you seeing any guy? Are you going to ditch me for him?"

I laugh again. How could she think of that?

"Why would I ditch you for a guy? And FYI, I don't even have anyone in mind right now. There's no one," I say.

That sentence feels wrong.

God, please forgive me for lying to my family. I have no choice.

"I don't know," Sienna mumbles. "Maybe you're hiding something from me. I haven't heard any updates from you about any boy in your new college."

Believe me, there's this one amazing man I can't stop thinking about and he's not in college. But I can't tell you that, Sienna. I don't want to cause an uproar. It will be a huge problem for me if your brother or my Dad knows.

I feel bad that I'm lying to Sienna. She tells me everything, and I tell her nothing about this. My heart actually breaks.

"Please, we shouldn't be talking about me. You know how doomed I am." I'm trying to change the topic. "What about you? You haven't updated me about your love life either. Are there any real-life Wattpad boys you've recently met?"

Sienna goes quiet for a few seconds, but then she blurts out, "I think I have a huge crush on someone."

Her words instantly pique my interest. Who is this lucky guy?

"Spill," I say.

"Do you know Cal Jackson?" she asks.

I abruptly press the brake that the car almost throws me forward. Thank God I'm stopping at a red light.

"Oh my God," I almost shriek. "Sienna, he's a married man with kids our age."

Cal Jackson is a famous rockstar. Who wouldn't know him?

But really, we're not talking about celebrity crush here.

Sienna laughs boisterously as my mouth drops open. She's joking, and I've taken this conversation too seriously.

"I know." She's trying to catch her breath because of laughing so hard. "I'm talking about his son. Have I told you that we go to the same college?"

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