32 | longing

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Double update for  Chapter 31-32



I eat my breakfast while staring at the empty chair across from me. It's morning, but my mood is already sour.

It frustrates me that when I woke up earlier I didn't find Nevaeh. I'm pretty sure that I involuntary fell asleep with my head resting on hers, so the fact that I didn't notice her getting out of my bed is ridiculous.

It must have been because of the medicine that I overslept. How early did she go to LA today? She didn't even have her breakfast.

It's funny because I was usually the one who left her alone at the dining table. Now it's the other way around, and I have to swallow the fact that I can't see her until next week.

Ashton arrives to get his usual morning coffee placed on the kitchen counter. His eyes widen as he sees me already dressed in my office suit.

"Are you going to the office today?" he asks in disbelief. "I don't remember the doctor allowing you to work. You still look pale."

"I was having a fever, not pneumonia," I retort, munching my food.

"I'm serious." Ashton sighs, knowing that he won't be able to change my decision.

But he also knows damn well that I hate being treated like a sick person, especially when they assume that I haven't recovered from my nightmare.

Ian steps into the dining room. He places my coffee on the table, and that's when Ashton asks him, "Is he really okay?"

Ian shakes his head in disagreement. When he passes Ashton on the way back to the kitchen, he whispers, "I don't think so. All he's been doing since he woke up is pouting. He's definitely not fine."

I scoff, knowing that the old man purposely whisper shouts so that I can hear.

"I see," Ashton hums. His tone is rich with humor.

Tell me, why did I hire these two people again?

I wipe my mouth with the napkin, throw it onto the table, and stand up. "I can assure you that I'm physically fit to work and that my organs are still intact and functioning properly."

"I hate to break it to you, but," Ashton pauses, staring at me with amusement. "There's definitely one organ in your body that needs intensive care by we-know-who, and it's very crucial, since it pumps your blood through the blood vessels of your circulatory system."

I stare at Ashton like he's crazy.

"I'm talking about your heart," he concludes.

"What the fuck is wrong with my heart?" I bark, walking out of the dining room.

Ashton chuckles behind me. The next thing I hear is him talking on the phone, "Mrs. Rogers." It's my secretary. "He will be there today, but I have to warn you about one thing." Pause. "No, he's physically fine, but he's just in a very bad mood right now."

I stride toward my room to get the files I left on my desk before going to work. To say that Ashton and Ian annoy me is an understatement.

Nothing is wrong with my heart. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it.

When I enter my room, I find a maid about to make my bed. My eyes widen. "What the hell are you doing?"

My voice is so loud that she jumps.

Shock and horror skate all over her face as she finds me glaring at her. I feel guilty that I scare her, but what she's about to do to my bed makes my heart race.

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