Kill it with Fire ( 9 )

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This probably wasn't the smartest choice I ever made, but I walked towards the sound coming from the trees. My sword and shield were on my back and Athena in her place on my shoulder.

As I drew closer the sound of leaves rustling came again. Then I caught a glimpse of what it was. It was a deep Ivory and very big. Then it was gone. I knew for sure it wasn't human. 

I unsheathed my sword and raised my shield. Athena jumped off my shoulder and growled in the direction of the creature. She opened her wings trying to make herself look more intimidating.

A different growl meets hers. This growl was much more intimidating than hers. It sent chills down my spine. The creature then crawled out of the shadows. I recognized it as one of the creatures from the book. The one I had hoped I would never have to fight. 

The Oneirdectus. 

Did I tell you about my fear of spiders?

Did I tell you about my fear of spiders?

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This one was about the size of a BMW. Okay, I can do this, I thought. Athena growled once more at the Oneirdectus. It hissed at her and stab at her with one of its spear-like legs. Before it hit its mark I rolled into the way and raise my shield. As the leg connected with my shield I struggle to stay on my feet. It was strong. 

I raised my sword and stabbed the leg. Instead of red blood, a black goo-like substance poured out of the wound. The Oneirdectus pulled its leg back and made a pained noise which meant that I hurt it.

 That's a start.

I charged at it hiding my body behind my shield with my sword out front. When it jabbed at me I dropped to the ground, sliding under it. I stabbed at its underbelly and the black blood splashed on me, completely covering me.

Eww... I'm going to need a shower after this.

Athena then jumped onto its face clawing at it. She wasn't old enough to breathe fire, but her claws were doing the trick for now. She clawed out two of its eight eyes before it threw her off into a tree, hard. She let out a small whimper of pain as she laid there. 

I felt something stir inside of me. 

Rage. Pure Fiery Rage. 

 I'm going to murder this damn spider.

I stabbed at its belly again. I hit my mark, but then it moved and tried to step on me with its legs. I dodged most of them, but one hit my shoulder ripping my shirt. The wound was small but deep. My blood soaked my shirt. 

This only made me even more pissed off.

I charged at it again. However, this time I aimed for its hind legs. I sliced one of its legs and then another. With two legs missing it got slower and that gave me the advantage.

It howled in pain and stabbed at me again. I raised my shield, but this time I wasn't able to hold onto it. It was ripped from my hand and thrown to the other side of our battlefield. 


It went in for another attack I tried to dodge, but I wasn't fast enough. It hit my leg creating both large and deep gash. Blood started to pour from my leg. I rolled to the side before it could strike again, ignoring the pain in my leg. I went for cover finding it behind a large tree. Thanks to Athena taking out most of its eyes it couldn't find me. 

I looked down at my leg. There was blood everywhere. It was painful to the touch. I wasn't a doctor, but I knew it would need stitches. But first I needed to finish this. 

I tighten my grip on my sword. I took a deep breath and came out of hiding. Its back was to me so I was able to sever one of its legs and jump onto its back. Then I dove my sword into its back. 

Have you ever ridden a giant spider?

No, well trust me it's not fun at all. I almost threw up like three times.

As it tried to throw me off. I dove my sword deeper into it. Then it smashed its body into a tree too after jumping off of it, without my sword and into a tree. 

I groaned. My whole body ached. The Oneirdectus charger at me again. My sword was still in its back. I was without a weapon. It raised its front leg to give the final blow. I raised my hands. I felt a fire inside. It was wild and strong, but it was caged. Then I let it go.

Then a blazing stream of fire erupted from my hands into the spider's face. It howled in pain as I looked at the fire in my hands.

It then went to attack again I raised my hand once more. But I never got the change. Because suddenly a beautiful white light blinded both me and the Oneirdectus.

When the light faded in front of me stood a large beautiful red and gold dragon.

My dragon.

She was now at least twice the size of the Oneirdectus. She was just as big if not bigger then Raikou.

 She was just as big if not bigger then Raikou

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"Yes, Larisa,"  A gentle voice said in my mind.

"Wow, you beautiful."

"I know."

She laughed in my head and raised her large foot and sliced at the Oneirdectus. It tried to back away, but due to its four missing legs it didn't get far before Athena smashed it under her foot. She wiped its remains off of her foot before turning to me. She lay down and pushed me with her tail to her back.

"Get on. I will carry you back to the infirmary. There we can up your stitch up and so you can take a much-needed shower." 

"Haha very funny, Athena," I said as I climb onto her back. 

All of the adrenaline gone from my fight. I let the darkness of sleep take me.

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