Bad Dog ( 45 )

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Ty lowered his spear in confusion as the black ball of fluff bounced over to us.

The small dog stopped a few feet away from us and let out a small yet adorable yip.

I couldn't help myself but I awed at the little fluff ball.

"Don't aw at it. That thing is evil", Ty scolded.

"Evil? How could this adorable little guy ever hurt everybody?", Roy cooed as he bent down next to black Pomeranian.

The Pomeranian barked happily as Roy patted its head.

This broke me and I kneel next to Roy. I reached out and petted the black fur of pomeranian.

"Don't pet it!",Ty shouted.

The small Pomeranian whimpered when Ty raised his voice at it.

I picked him up and gently cradle him in my arms to comfort him.

"Oh, it's okay little guy. Ty's just a big O' meanie pants. Oh yes, he is", I said using the baby voice.

Ty groaned and facepalmed himself as the puppy licked my face.

"Can we keep him?", Roy pleaded.

"No! We can't keep him!", Ty shouted again.

"We can't just leave him here", Alex said also entranced by the puppy's fluffiness.

"Yes we can and we are. Let's go", Ty ordered.


I took the puppy off my lap and sat him on the ground.

We got up to leave, but the black Pomeranian followed us.

"No. Stay", I said.

The dog stopped and tilted his head to the side.

"Good boy."

We continue walking but was soon stopped by the small puppy again.

Before I could tell it to go. The Pomeranian started baking fiercely at us.

Ty readied his spear, but I stopped him.

"Don't kill him!", I said glaring at him.

When the dog saw the spear it started growling.

Its eyes started to glow a bright red and its body started to grow at an unnatural pace.

The dog began to leak black smoke and when the smoke cleared the small Pomeranian was gone.

In its place was a giant black three-headed dog with blood-red eyes.

In its place was a giant black three-headed dog with blood-red eyes

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The heads barked and snarled at us.

Before any of us could react the middle head snapped at us.

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