A Life For A Life ( 30 )

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The water was cold and fast as Zeref and I were swept downstream. I somehow got my head above the water.

A moment later Sardis popped up beside me gasping for air.

In his struggle for air, he grabbed onto me with no intention of letting go. A rough wave hit us and sent us under again. 

But Zerefs grip didn't let go of me as we were thrown into the rocks of the river floor. I silently called out to Athena but I couldn't hear her if she was even there over the raging water.

When we resurfaced we both gasped for air. 

As I got my bearings I saw something I wish I hadn't. At the end of the river was a waterfall and not just any waterfall, no.

Niagara Falls itself.

"We're gonna die," I cried.

"Probably", Zeref joined.

The rushing water quickly closed the remaining distance.

We both went headfirst over the falls screaming. 

As I hit the water the world went black.


I woke on a blanket of cool wet sand.

As I tried to get up but the pain in my leg and lack of strength prevented me from doing so.

A shadow fell over me. I looked up and saw Zeref looking down at me smirking evilly.

"Hello, Little rider, had a nice nap I hope." He screened summoning his sword.

" Go to hell."

He laughed pointing the black blade at me.

"You wouldn't guess what happened why you were out", he gloated.

"What?", I questioned.

" I won."

He snapped his fingers and two large mass fall from the sky.

When the dust cleared I saw the Vacuo holding a bloody and feeble dying Tenaglia under its claws and a shard of her horn in its bloodstained mouth.


Zeref laughed coldly.

"How sad. It seems tonight the dragons will mourn their queen."

"You bastard."

"Ouch, you hurt me. Besides you don't want me to change my mind about not killing you."


 "I've decided not to kill you." 


"A life for a life, love. You save me I spare you."

He kicked me in the side causing me to roll. With my back on the ground, he smiled evilly down at me.

"However, I'm no fool. If I turn my back, you will attack. But ", He raised his sword," this should keep you right where you belong. On the ground under my boot." 

He jabbed his sword down at me. The blade going right through my side and impaled itself into the ground.

I screamed in pain as Zeref left with the Vacuo and the shard of Tenaglia's horn. Leaving me and the dying Queen of the dragons.

"I'm sorry, Rider. I was a fool", Tenaglia said weakly.

I couldn't find the words to repeal. My blood stained the sand around me and my clothes were soaked with blood and water.

"Why did you come here, rider? You say it was to warn me, but there was something else wasn't there", Tenaglia questioned weakly.

I let out a dry and pained laugh.

"We were originally looking for Orthrus, but it seems hopeless now."

"Hope. Hope is a funny word. It's feeling or a desire, but at its core it is power. A power Zeref fears. A power you mustn't lose. I can sense that power in you, my young rider. You are hope." 

"I don't understand?"

"You will in time. However, I don't have much left. I wish I could explain more, but I have faith that Tyranis will guide you better then I could. He is wise and strong. He will protect and care for you. Until it is time for you to protect him."

"I'm not following. What gonna happen to Ty?"

"Don't worry, Rider. He is safe and well for the time being. He even runs to you as we speak. But by the time he arrives, I will be out of time."

"But-", I began.

"Now", Tenaglia started boldly, "Listen close. Orthrus likes to travel and is hard to pin down for anyone wishing to find him. However, he is an old friend of mine and we kept in touch with one other. He now resides in Rio. He will answer any question you ask him, but be warned he tells one truth and one lie. A person can only ask him a question once in their lifetime. So make it count."

" I will."

"Good luck, rider", Tenaglia said with her last breath.

I laid next to the dead dragon Queen as thought over her words. Then I heard the familiar voice of Ty as he kneeled down next to me. The worry and pain was clear on his face as he looked down at me. I gave him a small pained smile in hope of putting him at ease.

"It's okay. I'm here", he said gently as if the sound of his voice could break me.

Ty reached down and as gently as he could he pulled out the black sword.

"Tenaglia she's...", I began as Ty looked at the dead Queen.

"It's not your fault, okay." Ty confronted with his warm smile.

I started to cry. 

I was crying so hard I couldn't breathe. But I didn't care I continued to cry. All the pain and anger that was boiling up inside me for so long, my hatred for my father, all the pain Zeref has caused. I felt it all and I broke.

"Hey! Larisa! Just focus on me, okay. I'm here. ", Ty said solemnly.

I tried to focus on him but my tears clouded my vision. He gingerly pulled me into his strong arms and I laid into his chest. I closed my eyes as tears kept falling. I heard his faint but strong heartbeat. The steady sound of his heart beating kept me anchored as I cried into his chest. My tears soaking his shirt.  

"Just breathe", he soothed.

The tears slowed as I weakly remove myself from Ty.

"It's gonna be ok. I promise", Ty said as he cradled my face with his hand, "Now, let me look at you."

I nodded as he moved his gaze down my body to my stab wounds and leg. After a moment of careful examination he spoke.

"You're gonna be okay. " Ty sighed happily before continuing, "But you need to be careful. Your leg's broken but being an elemental has its peaks. You should be mostly healed by tomorrow. Until then I'll carry you."

"No need. I'm fine! Totally fine. I'm fine.", I muttered.

"Really? Because you're repeating yourself, you look pale, and you look like you're about to topple over."

"Yeah, you might wanna catch me."

I fell back into his strong arms. He gingerly picked me up and started carried me. He arms never faltering under my weight.

"I got you", He smiled.

"I know."

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