Confessions ( 54 )

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After we snuck past the police and the security it didn't take long for us to find the others thanks to Athena's keen scent of smell. They had taken shelter at Lake Apopka's Nature preserve which was about 15 minutes North of Disney. Their camp was next to the green waters of the lake. They saw me long before I had a glimpse of them. Mostly like because they were all on guard for threats of Zeref but went they saw me was me they jumped from their seats on the group waved and yelled at me in excitement.

Sardis even put his fingers to his mouth and let out an ear-splitting whistle. In a silent competition to the first whistle a second, much louder whistle rang through the air. I looked to the source of the sound and saw Ty smiling so bright he almost glowed.

They cheered and howled at me till Athena landed on the water's edge. They swarmed me before I even had a chance to dismount Athena. When I did I was immediately taken into the large arms of Alex. Where I was then plucked off the ground and spun around.

Their cheers and praise continued until Alex sat me back on the ground. That's when Roy ran to his bag and grabbed a large bottle.

"I knew it was a good idea to grab this!", He yelled happily while shaking the bottle.

Ignoring my protests and attempts to run he removed the cork and aimed the bubbly liquid at me and Alex who held me in place and me from fleeing.

I laughed and the others joined in all hugging me and the happiness I felt in that money was unmatched by any experience I have in my ageless life.

They made me recount the final battle with Zeref and what became of him. Their cheers stopped and they all became deadly serious as I described the events although I left out the part of seeing my mother. That was a personal experience I wasn't ready to share.

"So is he permanently dead this time?", Roy asked.

"I do believe so. People that turn to ash that don't come back. He's gone", Lauzurs confirmed.

"So it's over?", Roy asked.

"For now but Zeref was right about one thing. There are greater evils out there and we just created a power vacuum of dack forces. It may take lifetimes or it may be tomorrow but they will come", Ty explained sadly.

"When they do will stop them just like we did here", I said smiling at the boys around me.

"Oorah to that", Alex said as he made the motion of raising a glass.

We laughed and copied the motion after him. I couldn't help but yawn out my Oorah and it turned into an exhausted cough.

The boy's eyes instantly shot to me and they started questioning my health and wellbeing. I shrugged them off and said I was just tired. Before I could further protest Ty picked me up and carried me to a premade bed made out of bags and Mickey Mouse Blanket I had assumed they stole from Disney. Ty laid me down gently and covered me up. I tied to argue again but Ty shot me down.

" No, Sleep you've done more than earn it. I'll take care of things."

"But -", I began before my own yawn cut off my words.

He smiled down at me and brushed stray hairs out of my face. He was the last thing I before my eyelids fell closed and I was lost in sleep.


I was someplace different when I woke up instead of a makeshift bed on the ground I found myself in a plush white bed covered in a white quilt and pillows. My limbs poped as I slowly sat up.

The room was modern in style and the walls were a deep grey. Trying to get a grasp of where I was I walked over to the bay window and looked outside. The sun had long seen left the sky and the only light outside was the dem moonlight that shined on a sea of trees and a driveway leading away, deeper into the brush.

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