Ophelia ( 46 )

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Ty and I walked through the cave ruins. Ty still had his arm draped around my neck for support. He still walked with a limp but the rest of him had already started healing swiftly do to his elemental powers. His breathing had evened out and he could form sentences without having to bite back in pain.

I told him we could stop and rest if he wanted but he refused, saying that he was fine each time I asked him. Which may have been about every five minutes.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, Larisa, for the sixth time I'm sure, I don't need to rest."


"Larisa", He warned.


We continued to make our way down the uneven cave floor. Thankfully, after a while, Ty began to walk on his own. He struggled a little at first, but I never left his side a caught him when he stumbled. Eventually, he no longer needed my help, but I stayed close.

We continued down the ruins of the cave walkway. Eventually, the ruins turned into a true stone brick walkway. Stone pillars held up the ceiling and large medieval torches hung from the wall in between them.

"We're in his tome, now. The closer we get to Zeref's real body the more guards there will be. So stay quiet and don't leave my side."

I nodded in response.

Ty led the way and I closely followed. We stuck close to the walls and made as little sound as possible.

It wasn't long before we heard the guards. We crept around the corner of the corridor and saw multiple Askari. The corridor opened into a larger room that looked like a loading bay of sorts. There were large containers and various boxes stored throughout the room. I could not tell what was in them, but I don't think I wanted to. Askari carried the boxes out in a line deeper into the tome. Several other Askari stood guard overseeing the whole process.

Suddenly the large stone doors across the room swung open with such force it made me jump slightly against Ty. He silently rested his hand on my knee resurging me as an amour clad figure stalked threw the door.

The armoured woman presents cased an eerie feeling into the room that even the Askari smelled to fear

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The armoured woman presents cased an eerie feeling into the room that even the Askari smelled to fear. I couldn't blame them the woman radiated power and fear that made me hide behind my cover of boxes even further. Her present even seemed to unsettle Ty whose body stiffen the moment he saw her face.

"Who is that?", I whispered. 

"Ophelia. Zeref's General... and wife."


"She was human once... they both were."

"What happened?"

"When Zeref was mortal he and Ophelia were both powerful sorcerers serving the same king. The king was greedy and he went to war with a much stronger kingdom to gain their land, but he bit off more than he could chew. The pair wanted him not to attack but the king didn't listen and the other kingdom retaliated and destroyed the king's army and Ophelia was captured in a raid. She was tortured and used for her magic. When Zeref got to her it was too late."

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