The 4th Rider ( 16 )

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Ty and I were still flying in the blue sky when Athena spoke to me.

"I smell another dragon it's close. However, it's not one I'm familiar with."

I had a bad feeling about this.

"Ty, Athena says-"I said but was cut off.

"I know. Raikou smells it too. Stay close to me, Alright." Ty said scanning the clouds.

"Okay," I said as I flew closer to him.

"Its scent is getting stronger. Whoever it is, they're coming." Athena said wearily.

Great. Just Great. I wasn't in the mood to fight someone. I signed and started looking around for the other dragon. However, instead, I found that the clouds were growing darker. Signaling that it would start raining soon. Perfect. Add that to the list of things that went wrong today.

"It's here!!!" Athena Shouted.

Then out of nowhere a giant gray dragon appeared above me. The dragon was big, but almost the same size as Raikou. But Raikou was a good bit bigger than the newcomer that was above me.

 But Raikou was a good bit bigger than the newcomer that was above me

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"Hey Ty, I found it," I called out to him as I pointed up.

He looked at me then followed my finger and looked up at the dragon. By the looks of the dragon, it didn't know we were under him.

"Stay here," He ordered.

I did. He then flew up to the Gray dragon's level. A small, but high pitch scream came from the back of the gray dragon. Poor girl Ty must have scared her. I couldn't tell what was happening or what they were saying, but Ty must have said to land because they both headed toward the ground. I following them.

However, when I got to the ground I saw the rider on the back of the gray dragon and it wasn't a girl, but a guy with brown hair and green eyes and a nice set of lungs if he can scream that high. The new guy was about 6'1, but what caught my eye was the mark on his hand.

 The new guy was about 6'1, but what caught my eye was the mark on his hand

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His bond mark. 

I wasn't like the others I've seen, but I didn't have time to think as Ty started his interrogation with the newcomer.

"What's your name," Ty asked glaring at the boy.

He was mad so I just stayed back on Athena's back to avoid his wrath.

"My name is Jason and I live in Prague. It's that way," He said uneasily pointing east.

"You're a native. Then your German. yes?"Ty said crossing his arms.

"Ja, Ich habe mein ganzes Leben hier gelebt, " He said in return, but I don't speak German so I don't know what he said and by the looks of it neither did Ty.

"Yes. Umm.. can I ask a question now," he said but this time in English.

"No. How did you find us?" Ty said still glaring at Jason.

" I didn't mean to. I was flying on my dragon, Strom, and you then found me. I swear that's what happened. I don't even know who you are. I thought that I was the only one that had a dragon." He said putting his hands up in defense.

Then I saw Alex and Ray walk up to the scene with their dragons behind them. I waved at them from Athena's back. They scanned the scene then walked to up me and Athena.

"What's going here," Ray asked.

Well, we found the fourth rider or more correctly he found us and Ty's being salty" I said.

"Sounds fun," Alex said.


The Interrogation between Ty and the new guy went on for at least five more minutes. After that, he turned to Alex and Ray.

"Take him to his cabin and answer any question he has." He ordered still angry.

They all left their dragons behind them. This left only Ty and me with our dragons. Ty didn't move and stared at the ground in deep thought. I got off of Athena and walked over to him.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

He looked up from the ground to me. He signed before answering me.

"Nothing it's fine"

"And you say I'm a bad liar."

He laughed a little before talking.

"Well, It looks like fate has brought us the fourth dragon rider but I can't help but think that something isn't right here," Ty said.

"Maybe we just got lucky and I think that we could use some good luck in our lives right now. Don't you?" I said.

"Luck isn't something I trust after all my years of doing this and I can't shake this feeling I have."

"Maybe your right, but always thinking something bad going to happen isn't good for you. Let someone else worry about."


"I will. I'll keep an eye on him for you. Okay. Just Relax, Ty"

He smiled warmly at me. Before repealing.

" Thank you, but no I want you to focus on your training. That's more important."

" It's called multiple tasking and if it helps you I'll do it.

"Al-" Ty started to be I stopped him.

"Nope I'm doing this and you can't stop me, got it?" I said.

"Nothing I say is going to stop you is it?"

"Nope," I said popping the "p".

"Alright then if there's no stopping you. Then I want to thank you." He said taking my hand and kissing it.

I felt my face heat up as his lips connected with my hand. I was sure that my face was bright red. So I tried to hide it but failed. He laughed a little when he saw that I was blushing.

"Shall we join the others?" He said not letting go of my hand as he started walking towards the camp pulling me along with him gently.

"Okay," I said following him with our dragons following behind us.

"How cute. He likes you." Athena said.

"Oh shut up. He's just being nice. Besides he could do a lot better than me."

"You hold yourself at too low of a standard. He would be lucky to have you as a mate."

"Oh my god. No shut up!!!"

In return, all I got was an Athena laughing loudly in my head.

This was going to be a long day.

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