Don't Forget The Sun ( 26 )

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Time seemed to stall as I watched Ty. His chest rose and fell slowly as he laid on the ground with blankets and a washcloth draped over his head. His fever worsened as we tied to cool him down but to no avail.

We waited for him to wake, however, he showed no sign of doing so. My heart dropped every time his breath hitched, which was often.  

Even Raikou showed the same weakness as his rider. The gold dragon sadly hung his head as he loomed over Ty's unconscious body, protecting him.

The silence between the team was uneasy as we watched Ty suffering before us. Until Jason broke the silence.

"Alright, guys he isn't going to wake up anytime soon." Jason started and we stared at him in silence, "And he said himself that we got to make our move. And it's not like he's going to be moving anytime soon." Jason continued standing up.

"What are you saying?" Ray questioned.

" We go to with the plan. Go to Niagara Falls."

"Ty can't fly, Jason" Alex stated blankly.

"So, we don't need him. We have our own elemental", He gestured to me as he continued," he's only slowing us down anyway. We leave him as simple as that."

Raikou growled angrily at Jason's words but I was the one to act. In one swift motion, I shot up and slapped Jason as hard as I could across his face.

 He stumbled back from me and cupped his reddened cheek. A looked of shock clear on his face. 

Everyone was silent. 

 Rage boiled up inside of me as my hair burst into flames.

" You so much as think of that again! I will punch you 'til your ears bleed! Got it!" I hissed as I shoved him harshly causing him to fell. 

He crawled quickly away from me until he reached his dragon. Even Storm seemed to draw back in fear of me. 

"If you want to know what we are going to do then listen up." I barked my hair still ablaze. 

"We are going to the stupid bloody waterfall and we are taking Ty with us, he'll ride with me and we will stop and take breaks for Raikou to rest. And to anyone who doesn't like it. Well, I don't care.", I ordered.

"Yep, got it." Ray said he pulled up a frighten Alex and dragged him away," We will pack."

"Yep, Pack. Packing sounds good. We'll do that. The Packing." Alex stuttered as he held onto Ray.

I glared at Jason as he sat motionless on the ground. The left side of his face was still red. My handprint clear. Part of me hoped that it would bruise.  

"Well", I warned.

"Good plan." He said as he got up and ran to join the others.

I  let out a long sigh as my hair died down. I sat back down next to Ty. Then Athena's kind voice entered my ears.

" Well, that was...something."

I scoffed at her words but said nothing.

"I personally wouldn't have stopped after a slap though."

"If I didn't stop myself I think I would have killed him."

"True. You were quite heated. "

"Really" I laughed.

"I thought it was funny."

The others soon returned to tell me they were done packing the gear. I asked Alex to help me with Ty. Which took a few different tries but we got it. Ty ended up being draped across Athena saddle. I would have to hold him but he would be fine. I mounted Athena and Raikou walked next to us and we jumped into the sky. Raikou never left our side as few. 

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