Only One King ( 52 )

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Athena flew straight to the black storm of smoke that circle above Cinderella's castle. Several of Zeref's flying beast guarded the castle but I didn't have time to waste with pointless fights. We evaded them easily because what the beast had in strength they lacked in brains. Athena easily flew above the black storm and hovered there.

"Do we have a plan?"

"Don't die?"


I raised my hand at the black smoke and white light danced off the tips of my fingers. I closed my eyes to focus on the new power within me. My white light reached out and combatted the black smoke. The darkness hissed like water on a hot pan as the light forced its way through to create a crack in the wall of smoke. Athena wasted no time and flew through the crevice.

It's said that when you're inside the eye of the storm it's calm and there's no wind at all, but it seemed that Zeref's storm didn't abided those rules. As soon as we enter the inside of the storm the wind raged and scraped against my body like pins and needles. The wind was so strong that even Athena had trouble flying straight, but she was far too stubborn to be blown away into the tornado of winds.

I looked down at the heart of Disney and on what had been the tallest tower of the castle now stood Zeref, who had blown apart the top of the tower so now it was only a flat circle that was littered with steel beams and fake stone plaster from the fairytale castle.

Zeref had already spotted me and stood facing me with a wicked grin. His stare chilled my blood and the red and bloody burn on the left side of his face didn't help any. I quickly realized that it was Ty's work. The burn covered most of his left side and was the densest around his eye then it spidered out in a jagged lightning pattern.

"I see him."

"I do too. You ready for this?"

"He will regret the day he was born."

"That's my girl."

Athena flew forward and circled the tower before gently landing on the opposites side of Zeref. Athena stood up tall but folded in her wings but I stayed on her back.

"Welcome, Rider", Zeref grinned.

"A pleasure to be here", I lied sarcastically.

"It truly is. You're lucky to be able to witness the rebirth of the world and my coronation as the one true king of all."

"You think the world would follow to you after you destroy it?"

He laughed heinously at me and raise his arms in the air with a wicked grin, " You know nothing about the world. It doesn't matter what happens here today. The winners write the history books and after I kill you no one will tell this story and I will write history to crown me as the one and only King. History will only remember you as the hideous she-devil that destroyed the Earth before she was slain the magnificent God Zeref struck her down with a single strike."

"A single strike? You overestimate yourself."

"We'll see", Zeref finished before raising his hand and calling his pet," Vacuo!"

The black beast crawled up from the side of the tower. It's large ivory claws digging into the castle. It took its place next to its master and let out a hiss at me and Athena. Athena did the same unfazed by the larger dragon's threat.

Zeref mounted the Vacuo and from black smoke, he summoned his weapon, the Arch sword.

Zeref pointed the sword at me and the Vacuo opened it's mouth and blasts a stream of fire at us. Athena met the fire with her breath. The two streams of fire collided. Neither force gave as Athena lifted off into the air. Both Dragons ended the assault as I looked down at Zeref.

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