The Gift ( 41 )

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It took us a while to find anything closely related to Zeref or the Light of Spero. Mostly because of the library itself. Ty said this library had every book ever written in it, and I believed him. The walls of bookcases stretched endlessly in every direction.

We split up into groups to widen our search. The library was separated into four sections. Alex and Roy took the West wing and Jason went alone to the South wing. Ty and I began our search in the East wing. On one searched the North wing mostly because it was where the modern written books were stored. If we wanted anything on the Light of Spero we wouldn't find it there.

Ty and I made our way to the East wing. The east wing was where the oldest books were held, which means most of the books were written in dead languages. So it's safe to say I had no idea what I was reading.

Ty, however, was in his element. He was zipping through book after book.

I tried to make light conversation with him however when he responded he spoke in a different language each time. I laughed to myself as I silently continued my search. Which was mostly me just looking at the pictures and guessing.

Ty seemed to have better luck as he raised up an old and worn book and called out to me in what I think was greek.

"Βρήκα κάτι!"

I turned to him as he walked over to me. He smiled clearly pleased with himself.

"Χρονολογείται από το Μεσαίωνα και αναφέρει το φως - .", He began but I stopped him.

"Ty. English, please."

"Oh sorry. The book dates back to the middle ages and it talks about the light's origin."

"What does it say?"

"There are some parts that I can't make out but I think I got a rough translation of it."

He opened the old book and mention to sit down next to him on the library bench. I dusted off the thousand-year-old bench before I sat down. The bench creaking under the pressure but thankfully it held strong.

Ty pointed to a section of the book as he spoke.

"It says here that at the beginning of humanity the gods looked down upon their creations and they grew weary as they saw sinful forces corrupting their creations. The corrupted forces sought to destroy the gods and their thrones. In their fear, the gods voted to destroy humanity. The gods let loose their wrath on the earth. They showed no signs of stopping until a young maiden prayed to the gods. She asked for forgiveness from the gods and vowed to give to her life if the gods stopped their rampage of death..."

"Why did you stop?"

"Sorry. It takes time to translation even for me."

"It's alright. I can bearly speak English and here you are reading... Greek?"


"I was close."

"Not really", He laughed

"Alright. Can it and read, nerd.", I joked.

Alright, alright", He laughed, " Let's see... When the gods heard her prayer time itself stopped to listen. The young maiden bagged for the gods to stop for she believed that there was still hope for humanity. The gods looked into her heart and saw her pure intent as she offered her life once more to the gods. The god's swayed by the young maidens pure heart agreed to end their rampage if the maiden did something for them in return. The maiden vowed to do whatever the gods willed. The gods said that there was still evil forces in the world and it would be her duty to stop them. The maiden wanted to take on the gods task but she knew she was not strong enough to do so. The gods looked down on her and said they would give her a gift that would be able to purge the darkness. The maiden graciously accepted the god's gift that became known as the light of Spero. A light that would be passed down through her bloodline till the end of time for there would always be evil in the world that required hope's light."


"Spero is Latin for hope."

"Hope", I said bearly above a whisper, remembering what Tenaglia told me at the falls.

"Something wrong?", Ty worried. 

"At the falls Tenaglia. She called me hope."

"Was this before or after the light came out of your hands?", He whispered.


Ty sighed to himself before he went silent. He looked back at the book and stare at the worlds with a blank expression. Then he smiled and looked at me.

"You never stop amazing me."

"You really think I'm... her?", I said pointing to the picture of the women in the book.

"Part of her bloodline, yes."

"Does that mean... my mother?"

"Most likely. Your mother once held the light. Then she passed it onto you when she left this world. Just as her mother did and her mother before her."

"Ty... I don't know how to do any of this", I said gesturing to the old book in Ty's hands.

He went silent again as a pit formed in my stomach.

"I'm sorry. But... I can't help you with this. I don't know how I could. Believe if I could I would in a heartbeat.", He sighed.

"Does the book say anything else?"

"Nothing I can read, sorry.", He said as he closed the book.

I took a deep breath as I tried to calm myself. I always wanted an escape from the life my father had planned and set for me. Then the day Ty showed up at my house I couldn't stop smiling because I finally had my out. But now... I still don't want to go home. I would never want to leave Ty or the others but I don't want to be the selfless hero, anymore.

But I don't think I get a choice though.

Ty took hold of my hand and squeezed it reassuringly.

"Just because I can't help doesn't mean I'll leave you. I'm here, alright."

He smiled at me and I couldn't help but smile back. He leaned in slowly as the other hand made it way to my creek. I couldn't help it as I leaned in too. Our lips only inch apart. Then...


The old wooden bench's legs gave out causing both of us to fall.

The worst part was when we fell I fell on top of hand on his... well you know...his thing.

Ty groaned slightly before he bit his tongue to silence himself.

Both are faces went bright red. I quickly shot up and hid my hands behind my back.

"We should go tell the others!", I almost shouted desperate to change the subject.

"Agreed.", Ty grunted.

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