Wildfire ( 11 )

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"What, but wait okay, so what?"

Ty gave a small laugh at my words.

"I said you're an Elemental rider"

" I heard that, but how?"

" As Elemental riders, we can control the same element as our dragon. You have Athena's fire at your command. With practice, you could do so much." Ty said to take my hands in his with a smile. 

I stayed quiet as all the pieces fell into place. The fire I created during my fight. The reason why my leg healed so fast. It was all because I was an Elemental, but that meant I would no longer age...

" Ty, does that mean what I think? That I wouldn't..." I couldn't finish my sentence.

I thought of all the things I just lost. I wouldn't be able to have kids. If I did I would have to watch them grow old and die. The same for all of the friends at home. Maria. My Dad. It was all gone. I looked up and saw that Ty's smile had faded. 

"Yes, but I know it hard. I have watched my friends die. I wish I could tell you that it gets easier but it doesn't. Power like ours comes at a great price, but know this I will always be there. Neither of us will age so I will always be at your side. I'll only leave if you want me too. Besides Athena will be there too and that's got to count for something right."

I looked up at him. His warm smile calmed me. Maybe this could be a good thing after all. Athena nuzzled me and smiled at her. 


He stood up and put his hand out to help me up. I took it and stood up. He smirked evilly at me.

"Now the real fun starts," he said the smirk still on his face.


"Well you're going to have to learn to use your elemental power at some point and who better to teach you than another elemental rider. Come on let's go." He said.

Ty then grabbed my wrist and started dragging me through the camp. Athena and Raikou both following us. He didn't let go of me until we reached the training grounds. The dragons stood patiently on the sidelines. 

"Are you ready?"He asked excitedly with a smile. 

"Ty, I don't even know what to do or how. I have never done this before." 

"Larisa, You already have. I saw the Oneirdectus body. It was covered in burns from you." Ty said poking me in the chest.

"Oww... I still don't know what to do."

"Close your eyes.", He ordered kindly.

I signed and did as I was told. I felt him take my hands in his.

"Good. Now, think of something hot. Something that makes you happy. Let your emotions be the fuel for your fire.

I thought for a moment. Something happy from my childhood. I had trouble at first but then I thought of Maria and my mother. I never meet my mother, but Maria had told me many stories about her. The stories had always brought a smile to my face. Remembering those times I felt a warm and happy feeling in my chest.

Then in I felt the same heat in my hands. I opened my eyes and saw embers spark off of them. Ty dropped my hands quickly as they heat up.

"Good. Now, make into a fire," Ty reassured.

I looked him in the eyes. The wind blowing through his sun blonde hair. I can do this. If this guy thinks I can then I got to.

I took a deep breath. I tied to focus on the heat that was engulfing my body. I could feel the flames burning fiercely as they sparked into flames. My hands were covered in flames but I didn't feel any pain. The fire felt warm and soothing as I admired it.

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