The Fall of Thunder ( 50 )

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The golden spear left my hands and the brilliant light arched from it, evaporating the Askari that stood in the room then pierced Zeref's back.

The room was quiet as everyone's eyes found me. I could fell the new power radiating off of me, and it grew with each step I took towards Zeref. Who slowly turned and faced me before pulling the rest of the spear threw his chest by the tip.

"Well, Well. It seems you have finally awoken to your new power. I'm proud, but it won't be enough. And this impaling trick won't work on me twice. You see with each passing instant, my powers return to me and even now I am far passed your strength", Zeref said before tossing the spear aside.

"It doesn't matter. I will stop you. That's what this power was made for and you hurt my friends. I won't forgive you. ", I said clenching my fist as my hair lifted off my shoulders and my body pulsed with a glowing light.

"Oh, but darling. I am a god."

"Not to me."

" A god still has power, even too a nonbeliever. And I'll show you what happens when you anger a god. ", Zeref opened his hand and the Elder sword appeared in his grip. He raised the ugly blade under Ty's chin, forcing his head up as it burned his skin," By starting with him."

Ty bit back his cries when Zeref pushed the blade deeper into his throat drawing his crimson blood.

I let out a low growl through clenched teeth in frustration. As I watched helplessly. I didn't have enough control to roast Zeref without hitting Ty or the others and I wasn't fast enough to reach him Zeref before he could end it.

"Any last words?", Zeref asked devilishly.

I made eye contact with Ty as his skin blackened by the heat of the Elder sword. He smiled at me with a bloody grin before uttering two hoarse words :

"It's okay."

My face dropped at his words. Zeref pulled the blade along Ty's throat causing blood to pour just as Ty gather the last of his strength and his fingers sparked with electricity. The attack was weak but at close range, it was enough to sneer the right side of Zeref's face. He dropped the sword and held his face screaming before stumbling back. Ty gasped for air as he chocked on his blood. 

The next moments seemed to crawl as time itself froze. It began with me running to Ty, scorching the floor with each footstep and tears poured in my eyes. The chains holding Ty to the wall and melted and Ty fell into my arms. I fell down with him in my arms and pressed my hands onto his throat as he gagged. 

While I held Ty, Zeref clutched his face and cried curses before taking his chance to retreat in a cloud of black smoke to lick his wounds. But at the time I couldn't care about anything except the man in my arms.

I cursed and begged as I blood covered my hand and the color seemed to drain from his face. Alex and Roy had managed to untie themselves and Roy appeared by my side. While Alex undid Sardis chains. 

I continued to look down while Roy talked to me but I didn't process what he was saying. The world around me seemed to fog and disappear. Ty's hand rested on mine and the other weakly gripped my forearm. His eyes bore into mine and they held a silent plead for me not to cry. But I failed him once more as more tears rolled off my cheeks. I bent down and pressed my forehead to his. 

"Please, God. No.", I begged as Ty's breath faltered. 

My tears fell and landed on him to make it look as if he was the one crying. But Ty's face was strong and fearless while he took his final breath before his hand fell limp from my arm. I screamed and wailed before pulling Ty's body into my chest. Sardis pulled us into a tight embrace as he too had tears falling.

I called out his name desperate that he would answer and tell me everything was fine. But he never answered and I squeezed my eyes shut while continuing my desperate pleads. 

I felt Sardis release me from his embrace. I heard him and the others talking to me, although I didn't care nor wanted to hear what they had to say. I only cradled Ty closer to me.

Through the cast of my eyelids, I saw and warm glow. I opened my eyes, gradually. My skin burned brightly and my hair was floating off my shoulders. My body was hot but I felt strangely at ease.

I looked down at Ty's lifeless body and the light pulsing off my hands.

Unsure but hopeful I placed my hands on Ty's chest and focused everything I had into him.

My memories of Ty echoed through my head. I closed my eyes and tears ran off my cheeks. His warm smile, electric blue eyes, and how desperately I wanted to see them again.

I chocked on my breath when I heard a sharp gasp. My eyes snapped opened.

Ty laid before me, his eyes were still closed and he was a sickly pale. But to my relief, his wounds had vanished and chest rose and fell rhythmically. The glow around me faded away and my hands dropped from Ty, suddenly feeling my fatigue. 

Lazurus appeared on Ty's other side and he placed his hand on Ty's heart, feeling it's steady beat. I found no strength to speak so I only heaved heavy in response to Lazurus's silence. As I caught my breath he smiled brightly.

"He's gonna be okay", He breathed out thankfully, " He just needs a little more time before he wakes."

I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding and Alex pulled me into a side-armed hug. Although I was soon ripped from his embrace to another. Lazurus wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into his chest. He whispered softly in my ear repeated thank-yous for giving him back his brother. 

"Was that what I think it was?", Roy asked.

"Yes", Lazurus smiled as he released me," That was the power of Spero."

 I smiled weakly at the boys and could the short moment of peace to catch my breath. But it didn't last long before we heard the devilish hiss of Askari threw the metal doors of the storage room.

"We have to go. We are in no shape to fight.", Sardis ordered as he stood.  

He was right. Alex and Roy were both exhausted and he was still covered in blood. Even though his wounds would heal in time like all elemental riders. I was the only one that had minor injuries but I was still in a haze from using my power to save Ty.

"Alex. Roy. You two, take my brother. Larisa. What is your condition and be honest?", Sardis stated cooly.

"A little hazily but I can manage a fire", I answered and stood to my full height.  

"Good. Weld the door shut."

I did as I was told and summoned a ball of fire in my hand. My fire burned and instantly wrapped and bonded the metal doors together. 

"I thought you said we had to run?", Alex questioned.

"We are but there's a small army out there and we can't run from that." 

Just as he said that the army of Askari hissed and crashed against the metal doors. The bond held strong, but I wasn't sure how long my novice welding job would last. 

"They're here! What do we do?", Roy panicked.

"It's alright. Just hold onto another. Larisa will you get the lights, please."

I flipped the pale light switch that was next to the door. I could just make out the dark frames of the others. In the corner of the room, the familiar gold glow of Ty's spear shined. I made my way to it and held it tightly against my chest before Alex spoke.

"I don't think we can hide from them", Alex stated. 

I heard Sardis laugh in the darkness. Hearing his laugh I found him kneeling on the floor next to Ty and the two other boys who were holding on to him.

Sardis's hand came up and rested on my shoulder. In an instant, I was inwrapped in the familiar cold of the void. I heard Alex curse desperately and Roy cried out in panic. A small part of me laughed as we appeared in the shadow of Cinderella's castle.

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