Tenaglia ( 27 )

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I yawned as woke up from my visit from the dreamscape. Sardis words still fresh in my mind. One of the riders that I have trained with for only a month but felt like a lifetime. One of them was selling us out to Zeref. I felt sad knowing this but that soon turned to anger as I realized that the person was the one that poisoned Ty.

The ended of my hair flicked into flame because of my anger. But it faded as Athena nuzzled me and my anger dissipated.

"Welcome, back. So how was the dreamscape?"

"How'd you know."

"You're my rider you can't go anywhere without me know."

"Good, to know because we got a problem."

I filled Athena in on what Sardis had told me during my visit to the dreamscape.

She growled when I told her about the rider working with Zeref.

"I think we both know who it is", She hissed.

"I know, but we can't act on a hunch", I stated.

"Then we have to watch him."


I got from my place on the ground. I scanned the area to see the rest of the team still asleep. I slowly walked over to Ty carefully not wake Raikou. I kneed down next to Ty to check on him.

Ty was still a deathly pale and his eyes a dull blue. His breath was dry and rash as he struggled to breath. His fever was still high even by my standers.

I brushed stay strands of his blonde hair off of his face. He slowly leaned into my touch. He groaned as his eyes weakly opened. Ty looked at me and smiled weakly.

"Hey", he said hoarsely.

"How are you feeling?", I asked as I felt his head for a fever.

"Worse than I look", he coughed.

"Then you need to rest and regain your strength the others need you."

"Where are we?", He asked ignoring my respect for him to rest.

"What did I just say", I sighed before answering," Were on the edge of Ireland about to cross the Atlantic."

"So your heading to Tenaglia."


"Sorry I couldn't be of more help." He said with sadness as he began coughing again.

I held him as he did his head in my lap. He soon stopped as I ran my hands through his soft hair gently. He closed his eyes as I did taking in the feeling. There was a time of silence before I spoke.

"I talked with your brother.", I said tried to cheer him up.

His eyes shot open and his tired to get up but the pain stopped him putting right back into my lap.

"When. How."

"Just a while ago in the dreamscape."

He smiled at my words.

"That's him alright. Dreamscape magic is one of his favorites. What did he say?"

I thought if I should tell him about the rider working with Zeref, but I decided against it. He has to rest. Telling him would only make him stressed. So I lied, well it wasn't a complete lie only a half-truth.

"Asked if you were well. He knows what happened."

"He shouldn't worry about me. My magic will return soon along with my strength."

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