Chapter-1|New beginning

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"We are in LA

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"We are in LA."

"Yes." I assured with a gigantic smile on my face.

My best friend and I were standing in front of Willow Creek University, one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

This place was going to be our heaven and hell for the next few years.

"You both have grown so much. I am so proud of you, girls." Dani's mom wrapped us both in a hug, I could already see her tear up.

"Thank you so much, mom."

"Thank you for being here, Lauren." I hugged her back.

"Okay, let's get you settled in your dorms." Lauren said, pushing both of us towards the dorm building.

Reaching the dorm building, we walked towards the receptionist. The said building was spacious and well decorated. From the glass door to the glass windows, it gave off very modern and pristine vibes.

"Good Morning. Welcome to Willow Creek University." The woman behind the desk smiled. Her low bun highlighted her beautiful face and smile.

"Hi, I am Iris Reed and, this is Danielle Ainsley." I smiled at her.

"Right. Let me just check." She said typing something on her laptop.

"Okay, so both of you are sharing a three-person dorm. It's dorm number 430 A on the fourth floor. Here are the keys. You'll also have a duplicate of the key. You are to report to the office if you lose the key for safety reasons." She informed, handing us the keys.

"Alright. Thank you." Danielle smiled.

There were girls around the lobby. Some of them were running around getting things done while some were talking to their friends filled with excitement, others were bidding goodbye to their loved ones. You couldn't even account for all the emotions flying in this room.

Walking inside the steel elevator with six other people, I waited anxiously for the elevator to beep and reach our floor.

"Okay, now we gotta look for our room. Easy peasy." Dani mocked as we stepped off the elevator, looking at the vast lobby filled with at least fifty rooms on one side and the plain wall on the other.

I chuckled at her chippy behavior. She was tired.

"We'll find it. Relax." I assured her.

After a few minutes of looking around, we finally found our dorm.

"This is the moment," Dani said dramatically, as she inserted the key in the lock.

"Oh, for god's sake. These bags are heavy, Dani." I snapped, rolling my eyes.

"Okay, okay. Geez."

The dorm was beautiful. It was furnished and decorated, but there was still enough space to add some personalized pieces.

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