Chapter-42|Birthday special

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Leaning against the counter, I anxiously wait for my girlfriend to text me and permit me to enter my room

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Leaning against the counter, I anxiously wait for my girlfriend to text me and permit me to enter my room.

I mean, how fucking stupid? It's my room. I could barge in there if I want to.

But... Iris seemed really excited about this present she has for me and I don't want to spoil it for her and also, because I know she would kill me if I went there before she texted me.

Suddenly, the vibrations of my phone catch my attention. Looking at the notification, I read Iris' message.


Ready for you. x

Like the message is my alarm clock, I stand up straighter and start heading over to my room, which is not a simple task when you're at a party. Your birthday party.

After getting stopped a frustratingly high number of times, I finally make it to the door of my room.

Wrapping my hands around the knob, I push the door open and as I take in the sight before me; I swear to everything heaven, my heart stopped for a millisecond before it pounds at an alarming rate.

I take a minute to make sure I'm not hallucinating because this... this is surreal.

"Fuck." I whisper as my breathing picks up and my fingers around the knob grow tighter. The collar of my black shirt was irritating me, but not more than my pants as they grow tighter by the second.

Not taking my eyes off, I step inside and close the door behind me, determined to keep this sight only for my eyes. No man who walks this earth should ever have the privilege of looking at what I'm looking at.

Slowly, I trail my gaze over her as she stands, leaning against my desk with a small smirk on her face, barely covered in scraps of black lace.

Iris is fucking hot. She's hot even when she wears mismatched pajamas, but if I were to make a list, this sight right here would definitely make it to the top three.

"Hi," she whispers, not moving an inch, but the glow in her eyes confirms she enjoyed rendering me speechless.

Not replying to her, I slowly trail my eyes over her. Her hair was a mess when I last saw her, but now, it's more of a tamed mess as they fall down her shoulders in waves. Her makeup is as flawless as it was downstairs, but now there's a cherry on the top. Literally.

The red lipstick.

This woman is ready to kill, and I'm the target.


Black sheer is covering her breasts, and the intricate floral lacework hides her nipples beneath them. I bet they are hard as fuck.

The sheerness of the lingerie she chose leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination and I couldn't be anymore thankful.

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