Chapter-37|Baby's Breath

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"Fuck yes!" Noah cheers from beside me, making me roll my eyes

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"Fuck yes!" Noah cheers from beside me, making me roll my eyes. "I win!"

Throwing the controller to the side, I pick up my iced coffee from the table. "Yeah. One out of three times."

Slurping the coffee from the steel straw, I lean back. "Fucking great score, Reid."

"You're just jealous!" He claims and takes my coffee from me. I turn towards him with my mouth open and eyes wide.

"I'm jealous?" I exclaim. "I won two rounds out of three. You play this stupid game every day and still lose!"

"And I'm the jealous one." I scoff and snatch my coffee back.

I sip my coffee before turning to Noah when I don't hear a smart-ass comeback. Meeting my eyes, he watches me with amusement.

"What the fuck are you so amused about?" I ask, raising an eyebrow.

"You're so pissed about Knight's situation. It's hilarious." He says, making me roll my eyes. My anger is amusing to him.

"I am not pissed." I huff, slurping my coffee.

I am pissed. Royally pissed.

Ethan was supposed to come back tomorrow evening, but now, it won't be possible because the team has a match in Dallas the day after tomorrow. Ethan wasn't going to be a part of the match of this time because he hadn't practiced with the team for ten days now.

This afternoon he called me, sounding gloom and I just knew that his plan of coming back went right down the drain. Now, the coach wants him to play because, according to the sources, the manager of the Knicks is going to watch this game live. Knicks just so happened to be Ethan's dream team.

With the draft coming soon, the coach thinks it's important Ethan comes out in full form to impress the manager because he had contacted the coach earlier just to confirm if Ethan would be playing this match or not.

I'm not pissed that he's going to play. He should play. After all, it's his dream team and nobody knows if he'll ever get the chance to impress the manager in a live match again. I'm just upset that we'll have to wait a day longer to see each other. It's already been so long.

Now, instead of coming here, he would fly to Dallas tomorrow and then come back the day after with the team. It's three days later and I hate it.

"You're missing him, aren't you?" He asks, poking my arm with his finger.

"Don't do it again." I say sternly, turning to him. "And of course I miss him."

Just when everything fell into place, he had to leave, which is so sad. I understand why he had to leave, but that's doesn't make me any happier.

"Aww. Poor Reed missing her Knight." He coos and pinches my cheek. Something about the way he said it makes me laugh, causing his lips to break out in a smile.

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