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To say that the rest of the night was uncomfortable will be an understatement

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To say that the rest of the night was uncomfortable will be an understatement.

I was still silently crying, looking at the necklace, when Dani knocked at my door to tell me that the dinner was served. Realizing I can't hole up in the room, I rushed into the bathroom to fix my face.

Ethan was already at the table when I stepped out. He was laughing at something Liam was saying to him, making me pause for a while and take in his crinkled eyes. I needed that moment because the same eyes had been dull and hopeless a while back and I needed to know that he'll be fine. His life or happiness doesn't depend on me and neither it should.

My heart broke a little more when I sat down and he didn't even look up from his plate, though I knew I totally deserved that. I deserve all the bitter words Ethan throws my way, but that is if he decides to ever talk to me after I walked out on him.

The rest of the dinner went smoothly. Everyone had a fun night and both of the brothers were beyond happy because of that.

We had to come back to LA the next day, and I did everything I could to make sure Ethan and I stay as far from each other as we could. I went with Dani and Mason in the car and I switched my seats with Grayson in the plane to sit beside Riley who was sitting far away from Ethan.

Throughout the day, we didn't even look at each other. Well, I can't say I didn't steal a few glances at him when he wasn't looking, because that would be a lie. Now and then, I looked up to see the perfect guy I walked out on. The guy who was willing to give me everything I read about in my romance novels, but is it worth the heartbreak I will eventually suffer?

Walking inside the apartment, I collapsed on the couch, tired from the travel but more than that, tired from the constant back and forth in my head.

"Hey." Riley said softly, collapsing beside me, and leaned her head on my shoulder.

"Hi." I whispered back.

"It was a good weekend." She said as Dani sat down on my other side after she locked the door. Mason dropped us off while the others decided to go back to the basketball house straight, claiming they were tired.

"Yeah... it was." I said, thinking back to the day we went to the beach.

"Aren't you staying the night with Mason?" I asked, turning my neck slightly to look at Dani.

"He wanted to, but I said no because I haven't had a lazy girl's night with my best friends in forever." She said enthusiastically with a smile.

"I am so glad you added lazy in that sentence." Riley said, looking actually grateful.

"Anything for you, boo." Dani said, teasingly.

"Don't say that again." Riley told her with a serious look on her face, making me and Dani chuckle.

Here I was, sitting on the couch, in a beautiful apartment with both of my best friends with me, and yet, I couldn't let go of the numbing feeling in my chest.

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