Chapter-11|The Library

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As soon as I pushed open the door to my apartment, I could hear the blasting music

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As soon as I pushed open the door to my apartment, I could hear the blasting music. Silently shaking my head at the scene I know is playing inside, I threw my keys in the bowl placed beside the door. Without even realizing it, a smile graced my lips.

It's Friday night, and I just got back home after having an amazing dinner with Nora, my friend, which was a very last-minute plan. In reality, Nora had asked me earlier about dinner, but I had to decline because by then I already had plans with Ethan and there is only so much socializing I can do in a day. So, it was lunch with Ethan or dinner with Nora, but then things changed and I ended up having dinner with Nora.

"I am home, honey!" I yelled over the music, walking through the foyer.

As predicted, I found my two very gorgeous best friends dancing on the countertop to the beats of "S.L.U.T." by Bea miller.

Not thinking twice, I jumped on the counter and started dancing alongside them. We danced for three more songs and by the time we stopped; we were laughing so hard, I couldn't breathe.

"At the parties, if we dance the way we just did, then... hot damn!" Riley said, flipping her hair for the effect.

"Yeah Riley, with moves like that, people must drool all over you." Danielle said, hyping her up.

"Hell yeah." I smirked as Dani went back to her cooking.

"What are we cooking?" Riley asked, coming to my side and slinging an arm over my shoulder.

"By we, I am sure you mean what am I cooking, right?" Danielle snorted.

"Is that supposed to be different?" Riley feigned innocence.

"Yes sweet cheeks, because you two can't cook to save your lives." Dani pointed the spatula towards us, using the nickname intentionally to rile up Riley.

"Oh please, I am sure I made amazing pancakes last week." Riley said.

"Are you talking about a whole bowl of flour that you wasted with a hell lot of milk and even eggshells in it?" I asked, turning to her, faking curiosity.

"Okay, so moving on...." Riley exclaimed.

"What are we doing tonight?" Dani and I snorted at her not-so-subtle attempt at changing the topic.

"Let's just have a movie night or something?" I suggested.

"You know, I'd love to have a movie night, but don't we have a party to attend?"

Riley Knight loves to party, and the thing is, she is good at that, so she parties really hard. That's the reason she needs Dani or me to keep her sane at the said parties and fortunately, she knows that.

"No Riley, we don't have a party to attend tonight." Dani said, without even looking up from the vegetables she was chopping.

"We don't have a party to attend or we don't know of a party to attend?" She said, pouting.

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