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Mid-week blues are real, and that's why you need people like Grayson McGowen in your life

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Mid-week blues are real, and that's why you need people like Grayson McGowen in your life.

"You fucking can't beat me this time." Grayson said aggressively, pressing on the buttons of his controller.

"Accept it, Gray! You are done. We've already played this three times, and you have lost three fucking times." I said, pressing the buttons on my controller. A lot less aggressive than him.

When I met Gray in my initial days here, I didn't know we shared a class, Psychology. He was a freshman like me but because he came here one week earlier than me; he knew his way around the campus a lot better than I did, and that was the reason we became friends. I was late to my first psychology lecture, trying to find my way around the campus when he came to my rescue. He showed me the way around and guided me through the complex hallways of Willow Creek.

"Take that, McGowen! You fucking lose again!" I yelled, pumping my fists in the air, jumping on the couch in excitement. The look on Gray's face was hilarious. I wanted a picture of that, but the asshole is way too smart. He took my phone away the very time I tried to take a picture of his pissed-off face.

"I let you win." He grumbled, schooling his expressions into one of nonchalance.

"You know what, Gray, this is the fourth time you've lost. This excuse only works once and we are way past that." I said, with a bored expression on my face at his excuse.

"One of these days, Reed. One of these days, you are going to lose." He promised, sitting up straighter, trying to look intimidating when in reality he is just a giant pissed-off teddy bear.

"Well, you better wish that day comes before you lose whatever dignity I left you with." I said, smirking.

"Yeah, yeah. I am ordering food for us." He said, changing the subject, and went to his room to get his phone. Gray never asks me to have food with him, he always tells me. He knows I suck at eating, so he makes sure that whenever he is with me, I always eat something before we have to part ways.

Looking at the time on my phone, I realize it's almost midnight. We have a test in psychology tomorrow that we studied for, together. All the other boys were out clubbing, but Gray couldn't go, so he called me over to keep him company. I was supposed to leave hours ago, but he was really stressed about the test even after we studied everything, so I suggested playing video games to distract him, and looks like it worked wonders.

"I never understood how someone just forgets to eat?" Grayson mused and plopped down beside me, bringing me out of my thoughts.

"I don't know, it just happens." I shrugged.

I have this really bad habit of forgetting to eat. Even when I am not stressed or working, I easily skip food for the entire day without even realizing it. It's not an eating disorder, it's just a bad habit that I am trying really hard to let go of but failing miserably. Dani has gone as far as to set reminders on my phone to remind me to eat.

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