Chapter-21|The Invitation

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The brunch was ending when suddenly Lily started jumping in her seat

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The brunch was ending when suddenly Lily started jumping in her seat.

"Oh! I almost forgot." She said and started taking out her phone from her purse. I looked at Ethan in confusion, but he was just as confused as everyone else.

"I had a conversation with Elizabeth this morning..."

"Oh, she's already taking to the mom!" Gray whispered in my ear, obviously trying to annoy me.

"And when I told her about this brunch plan we had..."

'We had'? She was nowhere near involved in this plan. In fact, we didn't even know of her existence when we planned this brunch.

"She particularly asked me to call her during it. So, here it goes." She said, pressing the dial button.

"Okay, Lily! Don't do that! I'll call her later." Riley said, looking ready to tackle her to the ground. But she was a second too late because Mrs. Knight had already picked the phone.

"Hey, Elizabeth." She greeted, extra cheerfully.

"And she's on a first-name basis." Noah whispered, leaning over Gray.

"Not you too!" I said, facepalming.

"Here, she wants to talk to you." She said, handing the phone to Ethan.

"Hey, mom! Thanks... Yeah... No, I remember... I swear... No, it's not needed... Come on, mom... Okay, Okay!" He pulled the phone away from his ear and placed it in the center of the table and pressed the speaker option.

"You're on speaker." He told her, just as Lily's hand wrapped around his arm, but I was really pleased when he unwrapped it and gave her a pointed look.

"Hey, mom." Riley greeted.

"Hey, Beth." Mason and Noah greeted simultaneously.

"Hey, kids! Oh my god, I miss you all so much!" Her soothing voice poured through the speaker.

"Okay, before I end up crying over how much I miss you guys, let me get to the point!" She said as I heard a bark in the background, which made my neck snap up to meet Ethan's eyes.

'A dog?' I mouthed and I can only imagine why he smiled so sweetly when my face must resemble an excited puppy, ironically.

He simply shrugged a shoulder in response, confirming my assumption.

"Hello, Iris! Hey, Danielle! Hi, Grayson right?" The sound of my name brought my focus back to the phone, and it surprised me she remembered our names after meeting us only once.

"Hey, Mrs. Knight." Dani and I said in chorus.

"Yes, Mrs. Knight. It's Grayson." Grayson replied, looking at me with an unsure expression.

"I am so sorry to ambush you like this, but I wanted to invite you all to North Carolina the next weekend." She said as we all looked at each other in surprise.

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