Chapter-44|Pre-Wedding Shenanigans(2)

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"Alright, beautiful ladies

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"Alright, beautiful ladies." Abby says, clicking two glasses together to bring our attention to her. She talked to the manager of the bar to arrange two tables together to allow our whole group to sit together, instead of being divided and you can see it working because even though, we haven't started yet, everyone's already having a good time.

It didn't take us long to arrive at the bar and get a little buzzed. I mean, I'm not drunk or even tipsy, but there's a light, welcomed warmth flowing through my body.

"Tonight's gonna be epic and we're gonna have all the fun we can." She says, making all of us cheer.

"Now..." She says and motion to the bartender, who comes over and places a hot in front of everyone. "Drink up, so that we can start the fun game that I've planned for us."

All of us pick up the little shot glasses and raise them. "To Hanna, who's going to be the most beautiful bride in this world."

And with that, we bottom up.

Once the bitter taste settles down, Abby explains the game and I'm not even lying when I say it sounds fun. It's a scavenger hunt, of sorts. We were divided into two groups of six and each group was given a paper with a bunch of tasks written on it.

"Now, you can see how each task has certain points that will be rewarded to you once you complete it, but remember ladies, you need to have proofs that you completed every task." She explains. The tasks are very simple and pretty accurate for a bar as crowded as this. One task was to find another guy named Liam, but we had to take a picture of his business card or something to prove that we weren't lying.

Talk about trust issues.

"So, pictures or it didn't happen." She concludes and sends us off to complete our tasks. We have an hour and a half to complete them and we may wander out of the bar, but we have to come back before the time ends. Riley, Abby, and I were on the same team as three other girls. Two of them were Hanna's work friends, whereas the third one attended college with her.

"Well, wouldn't it be cheating if Abby played, since she organized all this?" One of the other girls from the other team points out.

"No, because I didn't make the list. My sister did, and I have no clue what's written on that paper." She shrugs.

"Okay, so now, since everything is all just and fair, go off. All of you." Hanna shoos us. "I can't wait to watch you make a fool out of yourself."

Both the teams go in separate directions. The other team huddles around a table and we head off to the bar.

"One shot for each one of us, please." Riley asks the bartender, who nods, smiling.

All of us turn to look at Riley with raised eyebrows. "What? I'll be needing a shot if I'm gonna do half the things that are written on there."

"We can start with an easy one." A girl suggests.

"Find another Liam." Abby says, scanning the paper. "I think that's easy, considering we're in a bar full of guys and Liam... well, it's a very generic name."

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