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"What am I supposed to wear? What are we going for? Casual? Glam? Coming out to the society ball? What the fuck is it?" I asked, frustrated with Riley

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"What am I supposed to wear? What are we going for? Casual? Glam? Coming out to the society ball? What the fuck is it?" I asked, frustrated with Riley.

"Just nothing too over the top." She repeated herself.

"We have to go down in forty-five minutes. These are the fucking clothes. Pick for me." I said, almost crying when Riley sighed. My attention suddenly snapped to the figure leaning against the door when I heard someone chuckling.

"I think I should help." Hanna said, coming inside with her hand absent-mindedly caressing her baby bump.

"Please." Dani sighed in relief.

"It is not a ball but there will people and you want to look presentable." She told us as we sat back and observed her sifting through our clothes scattered all over Mason's bed.

"You can wear this." She said, turning Dani with a powder blue cinched dress with elaborate full sleeves in her hands.

"Yeah, it's perfect." Riley said, making me glare at her.

"Okay." Dani said and took the dress from Hanna.

"And you...." she said, mindlessly as she started looking through the clothes all over again, "Wear this."

It was the dress Dani gifted me on my last birthday. It was a white sleeveless dress that ended right above my knee and had beautiful colorful flowers embroidered all over it.

"How can you have this and still cry over clothes?" She asked, incredulously.

Smiling sheepishly in reply, I took the dress from her and hugged her, mumbling a sweet thanks. I rushed to my room with my dress in hand, groaning at the prospect of cleaning Mason's room before going to bed.


After an hour's worth of fussing, I was finally ready. If Hanna didn't help us pick the outfits earlier, I would still be in my PJs and that's not a look I want to flaunt at someone's twenty-fifth anniversary.

Slipping on my heels, I walked out of my room, hoping to see someone, but it looked like I was officially late and everyone was already in the backyard.

As I walked down the stairs, I was hyper-focused on my steps and failed to notice the figure standing at the end of the stairs. That's why I collided with a muscular body when I reached the flat ground. The surprise made me stumble, and I almost fell back if it weren't for Ethan who wrapped his arm around my waist and prevented me from a really embarrassing moment.

"Oh, my god. You scared me." I breathed out as I clutched his shirt in my hand to keep my balance.

I expected him to say something witty, but he just quietly stared at my face with an amazed look, making me raise an eyebrow, which brought him out of his reverie. He shook his head as if to clear the fog.

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