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There are many ways I have woken up in the past

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There are many ways I have woken up in the past. I have woken up because of a nightmare and once I woke up because Dani dumped a bucket of water on my head but I still stand true to my words. Waking up with a pounding headache is the worst.

Groaning, I cuddled more into the pillow below my head but stopped when I couldn't smell the familiar lavender scent of my bedcover.

Opening my eyes slowly, I let them get adjusted to the room's brightness, which intensified my headache. The wrinkled navy blue covers of the bed were definitely not mine. In fact, I know someone who loves navy blue covers.

Partially covering my eyes with my arms, I looked around and groaned when I realized where I was. This can't be happening. Why the fuck do I have to wake up in Ethan Knight's bed after a drunken night?

Sitting up, I rested my elbows on my knees and cover my face with my palms. Closing my eyes, I tried to recollect my memories of last night but all I could remember was dancing with Nora and then rushing to the bar for more vodka shots. Clearly, that wasn't the complete story if I'm sitting in Ethan's bed with his t-shirt covering my body.

I was still trying to recollect when the sound of the door being pushed open caught my attention. I looked up just in time to see Ethan step inside the room.

"Good. You're awake." He said, walking further.

"Tylenol is in the nightstand and there's a clean toothbrush in the bathroom." He said, putting his hands in the pockets of the sweatpants he was wearing.

"Thank you." I mumbled, not sure how to handle this.

"You don't look too bad." He said.

"That's great, considering I feel horrible." I said harshly and instantly regretted it.

"Sorry. I didn't mean it like that." I said, finally meeting his eyes.

"It's fine. You're hungover. I expected this." He said, smiling a little. "Anyway, freshen up, breakfast is waiting."

With that, he turned around and left the room without waiting for a reply while I sat there, shocked. If he woke up in my bed after a night like last night, all I'd want would be for him to leave my house as soon as possible, but that doesn't seem like the case here.

Groaning, I pushed the covers away and got up. True to his words, there was Tylenol in the nightstand and a clean toothbrush in the bathroom. Using the only face product I could see in the bathroom, I got rid of whatever makeup was left on my face and went downstairs.

On any regular day, the basketball house is full of chaos, but I couldn't help but notice the unfamiliar silence when I stepped down.

Turning around, I saw Ethan cooking with his back to me. I stood there at the foot of the stairs for a while, watching how comfortable and at ease, he looked.

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