Chapter-5|The Afterparty

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It was almost two in the morning when I decided to leave

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It was almost two in the morning when I decided to leave. The house was almost empty except for the few drunkards who were crashing here.

Thinking back, I can't believe what all transpired in the last few hours.

I saw an insanely hot guy, that guy turned to be my roommate's brother, then I tried to ignore the spark between us, and then I flirted with him.

Well done with the ignoring bit Iris.

Fucking idiot.

Looking around the house, I was trying to locate Dani and Riley. As far as I know, Riley won't be coming to the dorm, she'll probably sleep here and I haven't seen Dani ever since I walked away from Ethan.

Finally, I find Noah wandering around in the kitchen, looking like he was trying to find someone. Taking my chances of that person being me, I made my way over and tapped his shoulder when he was within arm's reach. Turning around, I saw relief wash over his face almost instantly.

"Where have you been? I looked around everywhere for you!" He asked in a breath.

"Chill. I got caught up with some girls from the dorm." I inform.

"Okay, but you could have told someone where you were going."

"I am not a four-year-old Noah and anyway, aren't you supposed to be with Riley?"

"She dozed off a long time ago. The door's locked." Noah reassured.

She wouldn't need to come out of that room soon, and a locked door is anyway safer.

"Where's Dani?" I asked, looking around him as if she's going to suddenly pop out.

"She's with Mason in his room."

"Are they...?" I asked quirking up an eyebrow with a slight smirk on my face.

"Nope, she got fed up with the loud music. They were just talking when I left. She was about to come with me to look for you, but I told her I would find you and bring you to her. So, let's go."

"You guys are acting like I'm a child who got lost. Could have simply called me." I say rolling my eyes. Dani and her protectiveness.

"Your phone is with Dani and if you haven't noticed it yet, then you probably are a child," Noah said with amusement lacing his voice, and pointedly clutched my hand.

Somehow I had completely ignored the stairs that he was directing me towards.

"How many people live here exactly?" I asked, looking around at the number of doors.

"Eight," Noah said nonchalantly.

"Some guys used to live here, but then they shifted to separate apartments and stuff." He continued.

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