Chapter-18|Let's Celebrate

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We won

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We won. The first game of the season and we won.

The first game doesn't really decide your position in the championship but it is a great confidence booster. Losing the first game and getting the team morale down was not on my to-do list when I stepped on the court.

The team surrounded me as the buzzer for the last quarter went out. You could hear the happiness in everyone's voice present on the court. Everyone was cheering and hooting.

Suddenly, Noah jumped on my back, making me stumble forward and hold on to Mason to keep my balance. I don't want to face plant the floor just yet.

"Yes, bitches! We did it!" He yelled in my ear, pumping his hand into the air.

"Get off my back! You pig!" I yelled back in reply.

He jumped off my back after one more round of cheering, and we all came together for a group hug.

"This was a great game. Great job, Trojans!" The coach said, clapping each one of us on our back.

I was looking around the court when the captain of the rival team came over and clapped me on my back, bringing my attention to him.

"Great game, Knight." He said and offered me his hand with a smile.

"Likewise, Gaudino." I shook his hand and clapped him on his shoulder with my other hand.

Leo Gaudino and I started together, and we have been playing against each other ever since I joined the college basketball team. He never got dirty or grumpy whenever he lost. Instead, he took it like a true athlete and I guess that's the reason he was my toughest rival for being the first pick on the draft.

"Come on, Knight. The girls are waiting in the parking lot." Noah yelled, over his way to the locker rooms.

Nodding at what Noah said, I turned back to Leo. "See you soon. I hope you stay in the league long enough for us to meet again." I smirked.

"Oh, don't worry about us. We'll be the one waiting for you if you make it to the last match." He smirked back.

"Good luck." I said sincerely, shaking his hand for the last time.

"Good luck."

With that, I made my way over to the locker room to hear the normal after-game conversation going on. I opened my locker and took out my phone to see a few messages from my family congratulating me and a message from Riley telling me they were waiting in the parking lot for us.

"Why are they in the parking lot, anyway?" Mason asked curiously as the three of us made our way to the parking lot.

"They are weird like that." Noah said shrugging.

"I second that." I nodded.

We reached just in time to prove what Noah and I just said. I cannot explain the scene in front of me, no matter how hard I try. Dani and Iris were trying to pick up Riley. Dani had both of Riley's hands in her hands while Iris picked up her legs and to top that, they were swinging her from side to side like lulling a baby to sleep.

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