Chapter-45|Vows at Sunset

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We did not talk in the morning

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We did not talk in the morning. Well, we talked, but not about what we should've talked about. He did not even mention Brooke and I'm not sure if I should be relieved that he doesn't consider her important enough to mention her, or should be worried that he's hiding it from me.

Does this even classify as hiding?

I don't know Brooke on a personal level. We have exchanged smiles while crossing each other in the halls or when we bump into each other in coffee shops, but that's it. She's a really sweet person from what I know and I have nothing against her because all this that I'm feeling is not her fault.

In fact, it stems from my insecurities and past relationship traumas, but god, how I wish I could blame it all on her, name her a bitch and call it a day.

But I can't.

I mean, nothing even happened. So, why am I so bothered by a stupid Instagram post?

None of this matters today because today is the wedding and I don't want to create any sort of drama. It's supposed to be a beautiful and calm day and I'll make sure it stays that way.

"Oh, you look stunning, Iris." Eliza tells me, smiling as I walk up to her.

I decided to go for an emerald green one-shoulder dress that goes a little beyond my knees.

"Thank you so much, Eliza." I hug her as I reach her. "So do you."

She looked especially bright today. With her granddaughter in her arms, she was probably smiling the brightest.

"Thank you, honey. Where are Dani and Gray?" She asks, looking around as if expecting them to pop out any second now.

Ethan and Riley left pretty early in the morning to get ready with the rest of the wedding party while Noah and Mason took up the responsibility to overlook everything else while the bride and groom took their sweet time getting ready for their big day.

It left me, Dani, and Gray to get ready as late as we wanted, which, let's be honest, is a bonus.

"Dani left her phone in the car. So, both of them are getting that." I tell her as I smile at Josephine, who looks adorable in her baby-pink outfit.

Moving my eyes away from the little bundle of joy, I look around myself and finally take in the venue. The ceremony is supposed to happen outside in the open, in front of the setting sun, which is probably the most romantic thing ever, and then the party will shift inside for the reception.

Hanna was keen on keeping the wedding simple and small, and I think the decorations reflect that perfectly. Everything feels extremely beautiful and personal.

"There you are." Eliza exclaims, looking behind me. I turn around to see Dani and Gray walking up to us with an elder and mature couple.

"We are so sorry for being late." Gray says, smiling apologetically at Eliza.

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