Chapter-30|The End?

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A very familiar car pulled into the parking lot besides mine, making my neck snap up to the window glass

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A very familiar car pulled into the parking lot besides mine, making my neck snap up to the window glass. After unlocking my phone to check the time, I realized only thirty minutes have passed since I came here.

Haphazardly opening the door, I stepped out and rounded the car, only to come to a stop in front of her car.

I pulled the door open, making her neck snap up to look at me. Looking down at her face, I watched her brown, albeit swollen, and red eyes go wide.

Silently, I grabbed her elbow and pulled on it lightly to encourage her to step out. Sighing out, she tentatively stepped out as I slammed her car door close behind her, making her turn her neck to the side.

I took this time to look at her properly as I searched for anything that might tell me if she's hurt or not, physically.

When she looked back at me, I wrapped her up in my arms as I breathed in her faint, yet familiar lavender scent.

With her wrapped in my arms, I closed my eyes and I reassured myself, repeating the same words in my head, again and again.

She is here. She is safe. She is fine.

"Thank god." I whispered, as she hesitantly wrapped her arms around me as well.

For a few good minutes, we just stood there. At night, in the parking lot, wrapped up around each other.

Breathing out heavily, I pulled back from her, though my hands still held onto her arms.

"Where have you been?" I asked softly like I was talking to a scared animal that she very well resembled at that moment.

The softness in her eyes disappeared as soon as I questioned her. She pulled back from me and swiftly turned around to walk towards the elevators.

"Iris..." I called out as I started to follow her.

She promptly ignored me and continued walking towards the elevator as her hair swayed behind her.

"Where the hell are you going?" I asked her, as my hand latched onto her elbow and pulled her to a stop.

"To my home." She said blankly as the doors of the elevator opened and she stepped in, pulling her arm out of my grasp.

"Give me something, Iris." I said softly as I stepped beside her in the elevator.

"I don't want to talk about it, Ethan." She said, continuing to look forward.

"For fuck's sake, Iris. For once in your life, fucking talk." I grumbled, running my hands through my hair.

"Tough luck." She whispered, and that's where it ended.

For the rest of the ride, I stood beside her, genuinely weighing my options. Do I continue probing her? She obviously had a crappy day, but I deserve some answers too... don't I?

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