Chapter-23|Arrivals and Departures

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"You might not want to drink so much coffee if you want to sleep on the flight

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"You might not want to drink so much coffee if you want to sleep on the flight." I said, looking at Iris who was gulping down her coffee like it was water.

"I can still sleep on the flight." She replied as both of us waited for our order.

We were in a coffee shop at the LAX waiting for our flight gates to be opened in half an hour. It was only four on a Thursday evening, so all of us figured we could use something to munch on.

"I hate waiting for orders." She complained, leaning her head on my shoulder with a groan.

"You could have waited with the others in the boarding area." I suggested with a small smile as I looked at the little pout forming on her face.

"Yeah, and listen to Riley groan about how much she hates flying? No, thank you." She said, rolling her eyes.

"She has never been a huge fan of airplanes." I told her just as the server came with our order.

"I figured." She smiled, shaking her head, and took the bag with the food.

"You like flying?" I asked as we both started making our way out of the shop.

"I love it." She replied with a huge smile as her eyes lit up. Her eyes always light up when she talks about something she really loves. There is this beautiful twinkle in her eyes and if I could, I would listen to her talk about everything she loves just so I could see that twinkle again and again.

Listening to her speak about why she enjoys flying at night more than the day and how magical it all feels to her to have the night sky surround her made me want to re-experience a magical moment of our own.

We were about to enter the boarding area when I grabbed Reed's elbow, making her turn to look at me in surprise. Before she could speak, I pressed my lips against hers. She instantly responded and kissed me back. It was a short, simple, and sweet kiss like the ones you do to greet someone you really adore.

"What was that for?" She asked me when we pulled away. A subconscious smile playing on her lips.

"Nothing." I said, bumping my shoulder with her, signaling her to walk again.

"Nothing?" She asked, "You just kissed me in the middle of an airport, surrounded by I don't know how many people."

"Are you complaining, Reed?" I said, smirking down at her. Our height difference again very prominent as she was wearing sneakers.

"No, I am not." She replied, and it left me surprised, I didn't have to drag it out of her.

"That's a first." I said, knowing she knows what I'm talking about. Looking ahead, the first thing I saw was our friends sitting at a table chatting.

"And the last." She said and speed-walked towards the table while I trailed behind her.

"Thank god, the food is here." Noah said, taking the brown bag from Iris as we reached the table and sat down.

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