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Years later:

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Years later:

"So, will I see you on my birthday this year?" I ask, walking down the street with a decaf in my hand.

"It'll be difficult, but you know, I wouldn't miss it for the world." I can picture him smiling and shaking his head through the phone.

"You just had to move all the way across me, didn't you?"

"Someone said moving away would be good for me. Who was that?" He hums across the line, pretending to think. I couldn't help but roll my eyes at his antics. "Oh, yeah. It was you."

"I thought it would be for a year or so. It's been almost three years." I grunt, adjusting the bags in my hand.

"I will be there for your birthday. Don't worry, okay?"

"Okay. I'll see you, Dad." I say as I come to a standstill in front of my apartment building.

"See you, love. Take care of yourself."

Milo, the security guard pulls open the glass door and I smile at him, "How's Anna?"

"Still grumpy about the baby not coming out yet." He says with a small chuckle which I couldn't help but join.

"I can imagine."

I walk over to the elevator and press the button when someone squeezes my shoulder and a kiss is placed on my cheeks.

Turning, I come face to face with Gray, "Hey."

"Hey. You're late." I tell him with narrowed eyes.

"So are you." He grunts before taking the bags from my hand.

"You look grumpier than usual." I notice as the elevator dings open and we both step inside.

"I didn't sleep last night." I simply hum in response, already guessing why he didn't sleep.


"Oh, fuck no. That was once in a lifetime mistake." He cringes and walks out of the elevator, leaving me behind to laugh as I remember Gray's miserable face from when he dated the model a few months ago.

Using his spare key, he opens the apartment and we both walk inside to find the living area empty.

Before I can even think of anything, the sound of paws hitting the hardwood floor make me smile. I get enough time to place my coffee down before I'm hit with a giant ball of golden hair.

Laughing when he licks my face, I start rubbing his neck, "Hi, my baby."

Just as he starts getting aggressive, a loud familiar voice yells out from inside, "Dobby, how many times have I told you not to jump on her?"

"Yeah, and he totally understands that." Gray snorts before going towards the kitchen, likely to get himself a drink.

He whistles and Dobby instantly moves away from me and goes to follow his favorite person who doesn't even pay for his food.

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