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"What is it you want witch?" Leah's asked spitting her words at the red headed witch as she was chained to a wall in the cemetery.

"Well my sweet darling, this game is called get the hybrid pregnant," Genevieve smirked.

"Touch me and I'll kill you."

Genevieve smirked chanted foreign words and once again Leah was out like a light.

It had been three days and Niklaus hadn't heard from his wife nor had Elijah. Both brothers had worried, one for his wife and one for his sister.  The compound had grown quiet. Hayley had been living in the bayou with her pack and Elijah had been building his peace treaty with the supernaturals in the french quarter.

"Brother I have spoken to everyone, including Marcel who resides across the river, no one has seen Leah and the werewolf's have lost Hayley," Elijah spoke wiping the blood from his hands.

"Great now we have a missing werewolf and a missing wife."

"Brother I fear something terrible has happened and no doubt your pocket witch had something to do with it."

"Are you klaus mikealson?"asked a woman approaching.

"Who's asking?" Spoke Elijah rather curiously.

"This is for you, from Genevieve," spoke the woman having Nik the note and the woman had killed herself.

Elijah had looked at his brother fear evident in his younger brothers eyes. Nik had look at his brother murderous. The note had read:

                      Klaus Mikealson
    The unshakable beast they call you.
  Let's see how unshakable you truly are.
I have both your precious wife and the mother of   your child. You Mr mikealson are on a clock.
    Now who will you save, your wife or your baby     mother.

Elijah read the note watching his brother in shock. Two locations where written at the back both opposite sides of new Orleans. He hadn't saw his brother like this. He was helpless he hadn't known weather he should save his wife or his werewolf.

"Brother I will go to Hayley, you get Leah," Klaus spoke taking control of the problem.

Klaus rushed to the church where his pregnant wolf was and Elijah into another direction towards his sister.

Elijah had reached Leah and noticed how she was chained to the wall and pregnant almost as she was even that ever human. However he noticed she was not awake and he couldn't reach her as if he was in some sort of boundary spell.

"Nik," Leah groaned out weakly trying to open her eyes.

"No Leah it is I," Elijah spoke trying to get to his sister.

"It won't work 'lijah only Klaus can walk through, If he doesn't get here soon the baby, Elijah the baby will die if klaus' blood isn't in my system ELIJAH THE CHILD WILL DIE AGAIN!"

"Sister he has-"

"Gone To Hayley," she finished as she cried.

"Leah how is this possible?" Elijah asked talking about the bump on Leah's stomach.

"Your mother, when she died she did a spell, a very powerful one one that would contain Nik and I child but we needed a witch to bring it back but that bitch Genevieve added her own special part, if I do not have Niklaus' blood she will die.. again," she cried as Elijah tried to break the barrier.

Elijah had tried over and over again yet he couldn't pass and Leah cried for him to be able to pass.

"Elijah give up there's no use, I guess my child was never meant to be," she said her last sent barely audible.

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