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Time is what she took, she spent four weeks away from everything that even remotely reminded her of Klaus Mikaelson, except their family of course. She had been watching her daughter and spending time with her and Marcel whenever she could. As much as she wanted to stay out of anything to remotely do with her husband today she was saving his life. She had received a call from a very distressed Elijah telling her, her husbands crazy ex girlfriend kidnapped Freya.

"Niklaus I swear to you if she harmed Freya in any way I will have no problem-"

"I know I know, can we just save her and then You can kill whoever you want," Elijah spoke and Niklaus watched her carefully as he hadn't seen her in a while.

As approaching the cabin they noticed the scent of Freya's blood.

"I can smell her blood, Elijah," Leah spoke with panic in her voice. "I'll track the scent, you and Elijah take the cabin."

"Stay safe, don't do anything stupid," Niklaus spoke and Leah quickly stopped Niklaus.

"Nik, whatever happens today promise me, promise me your crazy ex dies today."

"Aurora dies today, i promise you," Niklaus spoke walking closer towards his wife.

Instead of allowing thin to get closer hit her she sped away to where she could smell Freya's blood. The first few tries she couldn't find her in the boxes Aurora had in the ground. Even as she tried to hear carefully she couldn't hear her until she noticed blood on one of the flowers. Digging up Freya as fast as she could she noticed the dirt on her.

"You're okay, thank god you're okay," she spoke relief flooding her words as she hugged Freya checking for anything wrong with her.

"I'm okay sister," she spoke and Leah nodded carefully.

"Freya I need you to drink my blood so you heal faster and go home and please stay safe I'm going to kill the Bitch who did this to you!"

As she reached the cabin she listened to Auroras voice talking to both Niklaus and Elijah.

"The bullets their white oak Niklaus," Spoke Aurora, Leah hated the sound of her Whiney voice.

"We both know you won't pull the trigger," Klaus spoke with a malicious laugh.

"Yet you're wrong," she spoke and Leah heard a loud bang and with that she barged into the cabin noticing the bitch shot Elijah.

"Elijah," she spoke as she looked at Niklaus her eyes instantly filling with tears. "No no no no you're not dying, you can't."

"Leah you tend to my brother, I'm going to murder my ex," Klaus spoke walking out angry.

"Hey Elijah," she spoke her eyes watery and he breathed heavily.

"You need to be strong, for this family you must help  Niklaus find his redemptio-"

Without hesitating she shoved her hand into his chest finding the bullet.

"Leah it is my time-"

"Shut up Elijah! We are family we do not leave each other behind, ahh found it, the bullet hasn't punctured your heart so I'm going to pull it out, it might hurt a little," she spoke pulling the violet from his chest and she sighed in relief when it was out. "You stay here, I'm going to help Nik kill his ex."

With that she rushed to where Niklaus was and heard the both of them talking. As she grew closer she grew closer she noticed Aurora shot Nik in the chest as she grew closer Aurora quickly sped to face her gun by her chest.

"If you kill me now Nik will never forgive you!"

Aurora only laughed and watched her bitterly, "he betrayed me, because he's in love with you!"

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