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Leah, Niklaus and Marcel where out with Elijah and Vincent attempting to find the missing children about where also connecting to the hollows magic.

"We split up Klaus, you're coming with me, I'm not letting you out of my sight, anybody got a problem with that I honestly don't give a damn," Spoke an annoyed Marcel.

Leah watched her husbands go nodded at her reassuringly as she went with Elijah turning a corner opposite to his. 

"Sister he'll be fine, he survived years with Marcellus and he hadn't killed him or tried to," he spoke telling her reassuring smiling sadly.

"I just, I wish we could be happy," she spoke her smile sad.

"I too wish that as soon as this evil is out of Joy we will be," he spoke and he nodded.

"Elijah, it's only Me, Niklaus, Hayley, the children and Freya," she spoke sadly. "I do not know what you want Elijah but I do wish you chose to be happy."

"Leah, I believe Niklaus has found his redemption in both Joy and Hope, and I know he will do right by them for you, because you are his great love," he spoke with a small smile.

"Elijah I want you to be happy, and I know you're happy with Hayley," she spoke and he raised an eyebrow at her in surprise. "Oh come on Lijah do you really think we haven't heard the two of you Nik and I have superhearing too you know."

"She's the mother of Niklaus'-"

"No no excuses, I do not care if she is the mother of Niklaus' daughter, because no matter who she is she makes you happy, and for a thousand years you've never been this happy and you do deserve it."

"Sister I have done appalling things, I do not deserve to be-"

"Shut up Elijah, we've all done terrible things but you're the most honourable and Noble man I know, you deserve this!"


"Hayley is my niece weirdly, but she's also my friend and shes become someone I'm very close to, I wouldn't let you near her if I knew you'd hurt her," she spoke watching him with a smile.

"I must tell you about Tatia-"

"Elijah I know what you did, I was there, that awful night I went to see my parents, and I tore them apart, so you are not an awful person but you where made to do what we do, and sometimes we can not help it," she spoke remembering the night she done the most terrible thing she'd ever done.

"I did not know that happened," he spoke watching her sadly.

"I've never told anyone, not even Niklaus because I do not want him to see me differently," she spoke her head held low.

"Sister he deserves to know, he killed mother and father and felt so bad about it and you comforted him, he should be there for you," he spoke and she shrugged.

"Lijah I learnt to live with it, you and Hayley are the only people that know."

"I would be honoured to keep your secret."

"Look there they are," Leah spoke pointing towards Klaus and Marcel walking towards them both in a trance watching the light carefully.

"VINCENT!" Shouted a pissed Elijah as he continued to do the spell to pull them away.

"We can't stop what's coming," he spoke and Leah looked at him in panic.

"No! Vincent you have to, WE have to," she spoke panicked.

"Leah you don't understand, the hallow wanted us here," he spoke watching her carefully.

"Why?" Asked Elijah demanding answers as Leah watched him panicked.

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