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"What's with the hold up why are we still here?" Asked an impatient Kol as everyone sat on the patio. "We rescued Saint Nik, escaped mortal danger, so now why are we not on a private jet on the way to our private island?"

"You can catch up on the last six and a half years when we're on our way to the place we should be," said Rebekah wanting to leave as fast as possible.

"I assure you you haven't missed much," spoke Hayley shrugging.

"Circumstances have changed, We will leave here soon enough," Elijah spoke carefully. "We have children to consider."

"Kol has a point, We need to put an ocean between us and Marcel as soon as possible," Freya spoke worried that Marcel would find them, Leah only watched her feet upset upon hearing her sons name.

"We're not going anywhere today, I want one day of peace with my daughters before we uproot them," Klaus said eager to meet his daughters. 

"Any delay is a risk, brother," Freya spoke wanting to leave as fast as possible.

"One day, We're in the middle of nowhere, the house is cloaked, we weren't followed, and I'm not asking!" Klaus spoke getting annoyed at his siblings.

"Look who's up," leah spoke holding the hand of two beautiful little girls. "This is Hope and this is Joy."

"Mommy can I go to the garden?" Joy asked tugging her moms hand and Leah nodded.

"I'll look after her aunt, hello everyone," Hope spoke before grinning at everyone and running to her sister shouting telling her not to go far.

Leah walked into the house getting the girls lunch ready and Klaus was quickly behind, watching her carefully.

"What terrible things did you tell her?" He asked worried at the fact that his daughter would go to him.

"I told her that you're a hybrid, like me and Hayley. I also told her that you're very old, like me. Other than that, she's only six, We can wait to share all the crazy details," Leah spoke pouring some juice into two cups.

"Someone must have disparaged me perhaps Hayley," he spoke anger in all his words causing her to roll her eyes at him.

"Stop it Nik, Hayley and I have spent almost seven years protecting her and Hope from everything, including all the scary stories floating around about you, they doesn't know your history but what she knows is that you protect your family, no matter what," Leah spoke as he walked to her, his arms around her waist watching her sadly.

"And yet our daughter fears me," he spoke and she shook her head at him.

"She's a shy child, Nik and you're not exactly calm right now, look you're temper is getting the best of you, you're their fairy tale prince, and now you're real, very real and you've got a lot to live up to," she spoke comforting him and he visibly calmed down.

"Here, go give them their lunch," leah spoke handing Klaus the tray filled with their food and he took it with a small smile.

As she left the kitchen she walked to the garage where Keelin was and she took off the mask Freya had on her taking it off.

"I'm sorry I know it hurts," she spoke telling her sadly.

"I know you're just trying to help your family, I understand," she spoke exhaling deeply. "They must be suffering."

"You're all cut up, why aren't you healing, you should be healing?" She spoke handing her a glass of water.

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